15 January 2019

Justin's "post-national" state...

As Canadian as "medicinal bear gall bladders"...insert alt text here

Deputy director of wildlife Cole Winegarden said Li Zhu Liu violated the basic tenets of responsible hunting by shooting game out of season, failing to correctly identify species and abandoning wildlife that were shot.

"Liu has not been deterred by his arrests, seizures, civil forfeiture of personal items or the charges he faces."

The documents detail a litany of hunting offences from 2013 to 2016, including the month-long period in 2014 during which Liu and his companions killed the white-tailed deer and the black bear.
PETA and the RCMP Firearms Czar were apparently unavailable for comment.


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"Police say John Okoro, 23, of Toronto, is wanted for numerous charges including attempted murder and unauthorized possession of a firearm."