05 January 2019

Paying the price...

...for Justin's "post national" state...insert alt text here

If you had to go to a hospital emergency room through the holidays, chances are you had a long wait to see a doctor.

Shellann Wallace saw that first-hand when she took her 18-year-old daughter, born with a heart condition and having chest pains, to Humber River Hospital on the Friday evening before Christmas.

I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I thought we were in a third-world country.”
Actually, you're in a third world country, you'd know it...
Witch doctors claim albino body parts can help cure health problems, bring the consumer good luck, and help politicians win elections. Traditional healers will often pay high prices for albino body parts to use in allegedly curing potions and spiritual rituals.

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The last time I went to the Emergency Room... I spent seven and a half hours sitting on my ass with a sick, fevered child.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ----------- wow, managed to get a third world country without even leaving the farm. I will say it again, CANADIANS ARE STUPID.

christopher swift said...

Hospitals in Hamilton aren't that crowded, but it still looks like the third world.....

Martin said...

The fact this is deemed newsworthy is an irritant, as any Ontarian with recent ER experience would well know. Anyone shocked by this story is similar to Captain Renault when advised of his winnings.
The ER is Ont's defacto front line health care face for many citizens not having a family doctor, or choosing to be sick on wk ends, or requiring special tests. Even with a family Doc and a Specialist people are routinely referred to ER. There they will see the broken equipment, filthy waiting rooms, harassed doctors and masses of patients. The system is stretched to capacity, obviously, and Trudeau and Hussen plan on 3 M more bodies over next short while.
One short query: Where do they, or Gerald Butts families receive primary medical services?

Neo Conservative said...

"martin says... Even with a family Doc
and a Specialist people are routinely
referred to ER."

you have a family physician? lucky dog.


Anonymous said...

I'm in Alberta. Spent many a wait in the ER the last several years, I'm a cancer patient. If you have an urgent need of medical care....go to Emerg. Emerg docs are some of the best in diagnostics, that's my experience. Going through your family doc, in most cases is delaying medical attention. Last time was 2 months ago. I waited in ER to be seen, but once seen, they tossed me in an ambulance to the cancer center where things were looked after, PDQ.

The only beef I have with the Turd is his obsession to destroy the economies of out of favor provinces to the extent that these provinces will soon be unable to fund their health care and other government services, while in Alberta's case we fund Equalization under the same formula. We then become Venezuela. I'll be dead by then, but your kids are gonna suffer.

The Turd is a Globalist empty suit, a Soros man. Out to destroy this country. The whole LPOC Party are in on it. Communists. I didn't see the UN candidate on the ballot last election, but this place is run as if it was. You folks in Central Kontrol need to fix that. We only get 24 seats vs 100+ in Ontario to try and change that.

Neo Conservative said...

no one is saying the ER is bad.
just underfunded, understaffed
and on the verge of collapse.

canada's healthcare system was
not prepared for the retiring
baby boomers... never mind the
importation of non-english
speaking people who've never
seen a doctor in their lives.

way to go, justin.