29 January 2019

Liberals write off $163M...

...in student debt...liar,liar

New spending documents show the government is giving up on debts from 31,658 students after “reasonable efforts to collect the amounts owed.”

It is the fourth time in the last five years that the government has written off outstanding student loans.
I guess "honouring your debts" is a relic of the patriarchy. Welcome to Justin's "post national" state.


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The heads of the Ryerson Students' Union have been given one week to explain approximately $250,000 in credit card spending, which critics say includes numerous questionable expenditures over an eight-month period.

The expenditures allegedly date back to May 2018, when Ram Ganesh began his term as President. Ganesh and Vice President Savreen Gosal took over the student union's credit card and began using it themselves.

UPDATE: Hundred thousand here, hundred thousand there...

...pretty soon you're talkin' real money...
The dollar figure at the heart of a spending scandal at Ryerson University has now soared beyond half a million.
Sounding kinda third-worldy to me.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read your expose on the PC's saving $6M for the taxpayers. Only cost over $100M to do so.
Can't wait.

Neo Conservative said...

how about i start with the billions
of dollars in corporate loans the
fiberals wrote off... shortly before
general motors announced it was
abandoning oshawa?


Unknown said...

I assume that you have an example that you would love to share

Neo Conservative said...

ask... and ye shall receive... from october 2018

"Liberals write off $6.3 billion in loans, including $2.6 billion to automakers."


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, that one. Thats the one the PC govt made isnt it? The one where most finance experts said you wont collect on?

Is that the one ?

I think it was. That was the govt that was run by that guy who got the job in the mailroom of daddys employer isnt it? The one who never had a private sector job in his life?

That one?

For the record, Harper/Trudeau denigration for jobs in the past is a stupid game.

Hmm...this is also the loan Jim Flaherty said was paid in full ?

Funny that huh?

Still waiting on your excellent expose on the PC govt saving us $6M and spending $100M to do so.
Should I wait a while or will you be on it like white on rice?

I will check back in 5 years...you might have it done by then.

Neo Conservative said...

so, what bothers you more... corporate loans...
or writing off the loans and letting companies


Anonymous said...

None...and both.

Had Harper not paid Chrysler it would have gone under. We didnt get all the money back because Chrysler was sold and we didnt have attachment to the new owners. (try that yourself, sell your house and not pay taxes, we wont get away, but I digress)

The student loans are not acceptable either but if thru all available sources it cannot be collected, then no choice but to write off. Some could be thru death, students moved to another country, bankruptcy (altho I dont think they can claim bankruptcy and get away), no future earnings capacity for various reasons.

But the worst of the worst for me?

Oil/natural resource co's.

We allow them to operate, yet no one makes them provide documents to prove liability payments for future remediation/clean up.
Valdez spill? Gulf spill ?

Why are these companies not providing Bonds in levels of multiple hundreds of millions or billions set aside for clean up? Why is the govt spending money to clean this shite up ?
You? ....wanna build a gas station? A marina? A dry cleaner? Be prepared to pony up the Bonds that indemnify govts/local councils for any and all spills. But only if you are the small guy.

This saying still holds truth.

If I owe the bank a million dollars, its my problem.
If I owe the bank a billion dollars, its their problem.

Neo Conservative said...

i don't suppose it has escaped you
that justin's multi-million dollar
fortune comes from the sale of his
grandfather's string of gas stations...
proceeds of which have been
passed down through sheltered
family trusts... and yet justin
gets to play sainted everyman eco-
warrior nonetheless?

he's an imbecile and his legacy of
deficit spending will cripple canada
for generations. you voted for that?


Anonymous said...

You asked what bother me more, corporate loans or letting companies skip and this....this is your reply?

Thats termed cognitive dissonance.

And just to correct you, multi millions ? Now whos full of shit? You are.

$1.2M . Nice....but big whoop. Should my mother pass away each of my siblings will get at least that. She wasnt and still isnt rich.

You do know that historically , in both the US and Canada, the worst results and overseers of our money have been conservatives. Like Reagan , who wanted less govt, yet grew it the most of anyone.
Harper pissed away a metric tonne of money.

Face it, like it or not, it is liberals (except Wynne -who boy she is bad) that cure the economy after conservatives have trashed it.

Say how is that economy doing in Canada these days?

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny says... it is liberals that cure the economy"

because you say so, nonny...

"- OTTAWA -- Pumping almost all of the $14-billion surplus into debt-reduction rather than investing in Canadians is the kind of rigid conservatism that makes it likely the NDP will vote to topple the government next month, Jack Layton said Thursday."

it gets better... by which i mean worse...

"In 1968, when Trudeau went from rich, socialist professor who had never held a real job in his life to prime minister, Canada’s national debt was a modest $11.3 billion; the federal deficit was zero."

"When Trudeau left office in 1984, the debt had mushroomed to $128 billion; the deficit to $25 billion annually."


Anonymous said...

You lack the wherewithall to search the results.

I shall do it for you.
"Why would Mr. Harper resort to the Grecian slander? If he had the Liberals' broader historical record in mind, that wasn't wise either. Studies show that economic growth has been on average more than 2 per cent higher under Liberal governments than under Conservative ones. On budget balancing, the Tory historical record is one to run from."

Much in the respective records has to do with timing, circumstance and the turn of fortune. Conservative prime minister R.B. Bennett, for example, served during the Great Depression. But even Pierre Trudeau, considered one of the weakest Liberal economic performers, posted GDP numbers more than twice as high as the Harper government.
All this said, you'd never know it from the way Canadians view the respective parties. In most every poll out there, they rank the Conservatives as the better economic managers.

"What's the deal?' I asked Mr. Goodale. "Spin," he replied. The Tories have added countless numbers of flacks to the government payrolls, giving them a huge advantage over opposition parties in weaving tall tales. "Spin is their No. 1 priority. Policy is secondary."

It is simply a fact that since World War II, Democratic presidents have seen 24.4 million more jobs created on their watch—an average of 78.6% more jobs created per year of Democratic administrations—than have Republican presidents. Ditto real GDP growth, 44% higher under Democratic presidents. On the flip side, unemployment has been 18% higher under GOP presidents.

All this despite the fact that before the general election of 2016, a lot of American business leaders famously have donated and voted Republican for president (though not one Fortune 100 CEO publicly backed Trump as of late September, while nearly a third of them had supported Mitt Romney four years ago).

Still, something that happens under Democratic presidents must be a dog whistle to such business leaders. Real business investment has been 193% higher under Democratic presidents.

Well...there is some reading for you.

Maybe you can put down the spin for a spell and go read.

You have a nice evening chocking on the shit you try peddling.

Neo Conservative said...

wow, another essay. you're really invested
here... a real justin fanboy.

pm sockmonkey has the political smarts of
a chimpazee... if it doesn't involve
taking off his shirt and flirting he's
just lost. i'm still laughing about his
india debacle... travelling with a convicted
terrorist and then more costume changes than
a cher concert.

but you go ahead and get your
skirt and pom-poms... i'm sure there are
plenty of true believers you can rouse.


Anonymous said...

No worries mate. That India trip, although irrelevant to what we discussed , was horrible for the PM.

But safe to say, your comeback with irrelevant shite means you have nothing more and safe to say, you relish in stupidity.

Why am I not surprised. But hey, you too enjoy the fruits of our govt handling things sooooo much better than the previous folks.

This............... is too easy.

No education where you live? No ability to research prior to dumb ass comments ?
Hmm...guess not.

Frances said...

Had two family members who ended up with student loans. We are fortunate in that we live near a university (much more difficult for a kid from the boonies) so offsprings could live at home and still get the degrees they desired. The two who went offshore - one was an offspring who could not get the desired degree here; other was an in-law who was (my best guess) accepted into a uni which was away from home. Either way, both paid off their student loans. But then, both went for degrees which were employable.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says ---------- anon is a bit of a moron as he fails to understand that decisions made during a minority government are made by all parties.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny intones... "What's the deal?' I asked Mr. Goodale. "Spin," he replied."

you mean ralph "nazi hunter" goodale? seriously, he's your authority?

REGINA — Canada’s Minister for Public Safety Ralph Goodale says right-wing, white supremacists and neo-Nazi groups are an increasing concern and threat to Canadians.

Goodale says the federal government is working with Internet providers to eliminate the issue.

nonny, you really did drink the kool-ade. try not to "chock."


Anonymous said...

"old white guy says ---------- anon is a bit of a moron as he fails to understand that decisions made during a minority government are made by all parties."

The problem with this reply is I never suggested any specific dates, just the overall history.
The history suggests both had minority and majority govts and yet....the result is the same.

Your point is moot.

And of course, you have no refute to what is printed in black and white. And you call me a moron?

Shhh....just keep pumping the oil.

Neo Conservative said...

once a justin-hugger... always a justin-hugger...

“There is a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say 'we need to go green.'"

of course...

Given decades of environmental neglect and China’s heavy reliance on coal — which produces 70% of the country’s energy — it would be difficult to produce a dramatic improvement quickly.

keep diggin' nonny.


Anonymous said...

What the hell are you talking about.

... and I am the moron? Oh my.

You can of course, but won't, put up data to deny the reality that the libs (historically over past century) were better for you than the cons.

Go ahead. Naw you wont.

Education....you should try it.

Neo Conservative said...

tell me all about myself, random internet troll.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ---------- I never need to refute a moron. I am surprised that your babbling went on for so long.

Anonymous said...

You never talk to yourself?

You could refute what was posted but nope....just attack the poster.

Guess what, it means you cannot. So enjoy your little circle jerk of misinformation .

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny whinges... You could refute what was posted but nope....just attack the poster."

hmmm... now, nonny... who said...

"you relish in stupidity... dumb ass comments... education, you should try it."

incoherent and unaware, the hallmark of the lunatic left.