08 January 2019

Silence of the BLMs

In what alternate universe would "identity politics" trump your need to see THE ACTUAL KILLER of your 7 year-old child apprehended...insert alt text here

Jazmine Barnes’ family had described the gunman in the Dec. 30 slaying as a white man driving a red pickup, stirring fears among community activists that race played a role in the attack.
Of course, like Toronto's infamous "Hijab Girl Hoax", it was nothing of the kind.

Meanwhile, a little closer to home... Beaches area shooters identified...
The accused are Rodrigues Sendia, 20, and Ajmain Rahman, 21, both of Toronto.
Just another couple "irregular" firearms enthusiasts.


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While Toronto Community Housing Corp’s 110,000 tenants make up just 4% of the city’s population, last year, the social housing provider’s properties were the scene of more than one-third of Toronto’s shootings and homicides.


Stuck in T.O. said...

"Chris Sevilla, Jazmine’s father, said in a brief telephone interview that he was feeling “a bit of relief right now” after the arrest".

Only a bit. smfh

Neo Conservative said...

i guess the "real killers" weren't out
on the golf course after all... right o.j.,
er... i mean chris.