12 January 2019

Scarborough "catch & release" program...

...paying the devil's dividend...

One man was killed, another is fighting for his life and a third walked into hospital with gunshot wounds after three separate overnight shootings in the city.

The man’s death marks Toronto’s fourth homicide of 2019.
Four people murdered in 11 days... and the coppers are closing in...
"Police are looking for three male suspects, all believed to be between the ages of 17 and 25, in connection with the death."
Look at that... they've already narrowed the suspect pool down to "not women."

What else are politically-correct officials and local media hiding under that "cloak of invisibility?"
When you’re the reputed leader of the notorious Heart of a King street gang — also something the jury wasn’t allowed to hear — you can get pretty much anything, even if you’re behind bars.

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Never say Attorney General Caroline Mulroney isn't going after "the real killers"...
The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has said it can levy thousands in fines if applicants who get retail licences do not open their stores on time.

Failing to sell pot by April 30, for example, would result in a $25,000 fine.
Compare and contrast...
Leigh Ming, 34, of Toronto, was convicted of possession of a firearm and received time served — 45 days pre-sentence custody — and a $10 fine.
Note that this is the guy who went on to commmit Toronto's first murder of 2019.


dmorris said...

You know,if Toronto will only import about another 50,000 disadvantaged folks from hotbeds of civilization, they might, I say MIGHT... be able to catch Chicago in the murder sweepstakes.

Chi started off slow this year, only four murders in the first six days,but I'm sure they've worked diligently to get the numbers up. Can't have some gawdammed Canadian shithole passing 'em!

Perusing the Most Wanted lists in many cities while blogging at SDA the other day,I was simply amazed at the number of ethnics on the list of each city. Vancouver disgraced itself with only three on the MW list and they were ALL White! Fortunately, my old town,Winnerpeg, had an all Indian MW list, yep,all nine were First Nations citizens.

Almost the same in Saskatoon, Montreal was the most diverse with about half ethnics,and several white F/C guys.

LA was my favorite,though,of about 30 on the list I checked out,there was one for every borough of LA, 20 were A-A, the other ten Hispanic.

As they say on CFL T-shirts,"Diversity is Strength".

Neo Conservative said...

check out toronto's most wanted.

surprise, surprise.