09 January 2019

For reasons they refused to explain...

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...federal prosecutors and the RCMP stayed charges against Silver, and Caixuan Qin and Jian Jun Zhu, the Vancouver couple that allegedly ran the operation, alleged underground bankers in Richmond, B.C., estimated to be laundering over $1-billion per year.

Federal prosecutors mistakenly exposed the identity of a police informant who they feared could have been killed if the case proceeded, Global News has learned.
So, correct me if I'm wrong, but the Feds dropped charges against these folks... because they feel they're capable of murdering Crown witnesses? Just spitballin' here, but that seems like a terrible precedent.

And guess what happens with all that loot...
Justice Heather Holmes agreed to issue an order for the return of the cash and safety deposit box items within the 30-day limit.
I've got a question... did these folks make any donations to any political candidates or parties?


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Anonymous said...

I know this hard for you to grasp and all....but to keep the money ,the Crown has to prove their case in Court.

Is there a conviction around somewhere ? No? Oh....I see.

So the Crown should just keep the money?

Let me guess, you get your house re-possessed for fraud but then the Crown drops the charges but you don't get the house back.

I can hear you crying and bellowing . Funny that huh?

Maybe add uneducated to your profile .

Neo Conservative said...

so, your sympathy lies with the
money launderers who are ready
and willing to kill anyone who
testifies against them?

if the rcmp can't protect the
people who are willing to testify
against these criminals, the
country is already lost.


Neo Conservative said...

ps... not to burst your bubble...
but where exactly was i advocating
that the rule of law should not
apply in canada?

pointing out the horrendous
absurdity of kowtowing to the
criminal elements teabagging law
enforcement and the criminal
justice system is hardly being
an advocate for anarchy.


Anonymous said...

"so, your sympathy lies with the
money launderers "
What launderers? Can you show me the verdict where they were convicted?

Charge does not = conviction.

Where were you advocating that rule of law should not apply in Canada?
Probably when you alluded to payoffs to political candidates to get the money back.

If not , please accept my apologies.

Unknown said...

Goddamit autistic canadians ar the worst Canadians. You're missing the entire point here. The point that justice in Canada no longer serves canadians

Ofay Cat said...

It's very early in the morning and I am only one coffee into the morning. So while I drain the cup's last few drops I will comment on this item. This preamble is evidence of my level of boredom. Retirement isn't for the weak.

One one hand, people in Canada are so over-taxed and fee'd to death for everything. It's all heading upward as well.

On the other hand, some people are finding ways to avoid taxation through money laundering.

I can sympathize. Many dabble in the underground economy to survive the taxation. Not business involved in illegal activity, simply, in part, off the books like so many Canadian small business people do to try to hang on their hard earned money that would otherwise go to support illegal migrants and the lazy socialist slackers of the province of Quebec. It's the only way to fight back, by denying the corrupt govenment it's extortion demands.

How these Chinese money launderers are being handled is showing Canada that we don't have a competent police and court system.

Canada is a Mickey Mouse Country. How else could a clown like Justin Trudeau be elected PM?

marc in calgary said...

When the author states "the RCMP and federal prosecutors must take responsibility" ... does this mean anything? I doubt it.

It may mean they won't be promoted at quite the same trajectory as their co workers, or they'll have to buy coffee in the cafeteria for those they've disappointed, but "take responsibility" means something quite different to these people.

Buying a house in the overheated lower mainland area is beyond the reach of about +90% of folks that grew up in the area, went to school, and thought if they land a $100k / year job, their dream of a house will be within reach.

The $1billion / year in funds being brought into the lower mainland is being largely invested in the area, and the local tax on non resident house purchases serves to "slow" the gain by some % ... yet none of those Canadians in the area are able to actually purchase a home, unless they're buying it with 4 of their closest friends.

So, "take responsibility" to those that are shut out of the local housing market? Or buy coffee in the cafeteria for your supervisor?

"take responsibility" ... uff

Neo Conservative said...

dear nonny... you've picked your side.
go head and sue me for alluding.

and say hi to your new friends for me.


Anonymous said...

So NC , I see that even you understand that without a conviction in this case the fruits must be returned to tree .

I am happy to have helped. Conservatives seem to have an issue with understanding laws of this land. Hell, even PM Harper failed numerous times and belittled the supreme court.

How'd that work out for him ?

Anonymous said...

"Goddamit autistic canadians ar the worst Canadians. You're missing the entire point here. The point that justice in Canada no longer serves canadians."

If that is directed at me, I am afraid you have it ass backward. Completely backwards.

Like I said earlier, you get a charge, and along with that charge you lose/have confiscated money/land/property by the Crown.

The charge doesnt stick, acquittal, thrown out, dismissed, whathaveyou, then the confiscated money/land/property must in almost every case be returned to you.

By your low thinking level in this manner, you should win the case but not get any assets returned. Nope...then we would have what you describe. In other words I shall repeat...you have it ass backwards.

How about this...?...your house is suspected of being used for illicit purposes. Police arrest you, seize the house, commit you to trial.

Your lawyer and you have a trial and its proven that you in fact did not do any illicit activities in your house.

Now what? With your thinking the Crown can sell your house. My thinking says you will get the house back because Canadian Law says it must.

Tell me. which one do you prefer?

Cool Huh ?!?

Side note: Canadian Law is not here to serve Canadians. It serves people charged while on Canadian soil.

Harper proved Conservatives and the law are bad bedfellows. One follows the law , the other follows their 'feels' .

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny squeals... Your lawyer and you have
a trial and its proven that you in fact did not
do any illicit activities in your house."

but this is not what happened. charges were
stayed because the crown was convinced the
defendants had the means, motive and desire
to murder the main witness against them.

i'm surprised you didn't use aliens in your
argument here... it'd be just as valid.

is that you, unme?

i think i recognise that screwy ass-backwards


Anonymous said...

NC, Ok fine, but the salient point remains, there is no charge nor a conviction. It was withdrawn.

Ergo, money back.

Its not hard to understand .

Neo Conservative said...

say, nonny... did you celebrate when
o.j. simpson was, er... vindicated?


Anonymous said...


Lovely response. When the learning is over their head, resort to absurdity.

Just know, the Law serves even you well when mired in ignorance.

Neo Conservative said...

oh my goodness, you're lol'ing. i guess
that means you win, huh? nonny, how many
times in this comment thread have you
awarded yourself victory? i count six.

sadly, no matter how many times you blurt
it out, your specious analogy falls flat
on it's face, arse in the air.

this is about subverting the law. it's
about the pussification of canada under
prince justin tru-dope.

living on your knees seems to suit you.
enjoy it while you can.


Anonymous said...

lets face it, Trudopia is as corrupt as it gets and its only going to get worse... there will always be those that deny the obvious stench of corruption infesting this country thats part of the reason why the country was corrupted in the first place, the obtuse denials thats it is even happening. I grew up in Vancouver, BC and I can tell you first hand that over the last 30 years or so that this place has been corrupted to its core and is now a place that is completely adrift culturally and morally. Developers and corrupt politicians continue the cultural obliteration that globalism brings, it is a cesspool of gangsters, crooked politicians and fraud artists, they infest every part of BC society. The vast majority of British Columbians live paycheck to paycheck, pay obscene amounts of taxation to phony punitive Government green schemes. The gangsters live large while the Governments and the corporate media apply cover and in some cases aid and abet the gangsters, think Government Casinos that launder the illicit cash. Anyone heard of Liberal Senator Larry Campbell these days? Operation Sidewinder warned of the dangers Communist Chinese gangsters would inflict upon British Columbia and the federal Liberal Party shrugged and did nothing. As Judge Gomery stated in his final report into Liberal Party corruption, "the Liberal Party fosters and nurtures a culture of corruption", unfortunately British Columbia is a casualty of that Liberal Party culture of corruption. A shame.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says ---------- more anaon drivel by another jerk who hates Canada. law is a freaking joke in Canada. the police can stop anyone they want during their lawful travels yet can't figure out money laundering. idiots each every one.

Neo Conservative said...

"owg says... law is a freaking joke in Canada."

toronto's first accused murderer of 2019...

Two years ago, he was convicted of possession
of a firearm and received time served — 45 days
pre-sentence custody — and a $10 fine. A social
media posting for Ming lists him as a “marketing


Unknown said...

Autism on full display yhough long rambling effort post. If the laws aren't serving us then they need to be changed. But I suppose the laws prevent us from doing that, too

Neo Conservative said...

"unknown says... If the laws aren't
serving us then they need to be changed.

you mean like princess justin making it
easier for teenagers to smoke dope?

or making muslims a special protected


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a grade 4 level of comprehension concerning law(s).

Particularly - ' the police can stop anyone they want during their lawful travels'....Oh my, did you think they couldnt before the new drinking and driving law came into effect? For the record, Police could and can pull you over for no reason but to check your driver licence and insurance.(this new impaired law does suck and will be stricken down once the SC gets it, which...hey...that will work for all of us! Imagine that huh?

and....'or making muslims a special protected
class?' - which law would that be kind Sir?

Sounds to me like a bunch of old whiteys shaking their fist and yelling get off my lawn. Seems these days the old farts are the problem w society.

Conservatives day in and day out profess their ignorance in the law .

Not news to me. (a middle aged white guy sick of whiny ignorant old folks.)

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny queals... Sounds to me
like a bunch of old whiteys..."

yup... not racist at all. tell me
all about myself, random internet
stranger. btw, are you still lol-ing?


Anonymous said...

Sure as hell am.

The level of stupidity here is amazing.

Nobody, not one of you, can show why the law doesnt work for you.(probably predicated on the fact that few of you even know what you dont like, just that you dont like it. Wah wah wah) Just a bunch of vague non-descript notions, and a whole lot of whiny shite.

I guess thats ok, if you dont know what you dont know.

Neo Conservative said...

if only everyone else in the world
was as wise and articulate as you

thx for taking the time to bring
us all up to speed. who will you
be pwning next? best wishes from
all of us dummies.


Anonymous said...

'thx for taking the time to bring
us all up to speed."
No problem. I see so much disinformation about the law I try to show people how to understand it better.

" who will you
be pwning next?" -I guess anyone with a poor understanding of the law.

" best wishes from
all of us dummies."- Thanks, may you all learn more about the law this year.