24 January 2019

That's what I'm looking for...

..."Bill Gates approved" news...insert alt text here

"So CNN never misleads with its headlines, the Guardian never dresses up its agendas as news, and Buzzfeed stories are always accurate. One literally doesn’t have to go back three days to find dozens of examples to the contrary, but this would be too mind-numbingly pedantic a task."

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Many of the sites that NewsGuard has ranked as “trustworthy” have spent their past few days smearing the names of the students of Covington Catholic High School.
Just one more reason to use Firefox.


LAST WORD: Smell the journalism...
By Saturday, the story had become so hot, and the appetite for it so deep, that some news outlets felt compelled to do some actual reporting. This was when the weekend began to take a long, bad turn for respected news outlets and righteous celebrities.

The full video reveals that these kids had wandered into a Tom Wolfe novel and had no idea how to get out of it.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ---------- I read several hours a day and I have had to stop posting on disqus and other platforms, as the level of insanity and stupidity has increased beyond anything I am prepared to address. The lies and misinformation is freaking unbelievable and that there are millions who believe them is most disheartening. The communist's efforts to destroy the republic are gaining momentum and I see noting but violence ahead. Unless a serious effort is made to built a wall on the southern border Trump will be gone in two years. Canada however will not see a violent revolution to keep their freedom because Canadians have already rolled over and basically Canada as a free country is done.

Neo Conservative said...

every dog has it's day... and
if canadians are prepared to
cede their culture to whomever
then that will be how it goes.

you get the government you
deserve... and we are gonna
get it hard and fast it seems.