04 January 2019

Notorious Toronto sex-trafficker...

...Angus McTartan arrested... wait a minute...insert alt text here

Joshua Hamblett, 23, and Sashauna Wilkins, 23, both of Brampton, were arrested on Dec. 1 and charged with 12 combined offences. The third suspect, Keagan Prophete, was then arrested following the execution of a search warrant on Dec. 18.
What is it about Brampton?insert alt text here
A Brampton man, Kristan Peter Miller, 26, is facing more than a dozen charges after he allegedly forced a 17-year-old girl into the sex trade and then used “intimidation, fear” and a firearm to ensure her compliance, police say.

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A man is fighting for his life after a shootout near Greenwood Avenue and Gerrard Street East after being shot in the head. Police found bullet holes in at least four other cars in the area. One man said his roommates car had seven bullet holes in it. So far, police have not released a description of a suspect or suspects.
The invisible man gets around...
The shooting victim was located at Shallice Court and Durness Avenue with a gunshot wound to the torso and was taken to a trauma centre with serious, possibly life-threatening injuries.

There is no suspect information at this point.

UPDATE: The usual suspects


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ------ ah yes, more vibrant people enhancing Canadian culture and society. of course it would be racist to point out they are something other than "white".

Neo Conservative said...

not a peep from black lives matters toronto.

the silence of the BLMs.