07 January 2019

Hang on... isn't this the land...

...where children are free to surgically mutilate their genitals...insert alt text here

In a recently filed legal brief, Troller explained that he drove around with the plate for nearly two years and no one complained. He renewed it with MPI in 2016 without issue. Plates are denied for a variety of reasons, including if they are offensive, suggestive, discriminatory or include racial or ethnic slang.
That oughta teach those damn Nazi Trekkies!


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The anglicized Punjabi phrases spell out colloquial words for "opium", "shot of liquor", and the F-word. Kanwal says he has also seen words for male genitalia, and one that could be interpreted as, "I want to have sex with your sister."
Special rules for special people.


John the Mad said...

Under no circumstances can we afford to cooperate with the Borg or allow their propaganda. They are inflexible in their alien dogma and intend us harm through assimilation or death just like the ,,,, um ,,,,, other existential threat .... that may not be named.. Have we forgotten the lessons of Star Trek already.

By the way, who really put the Tribbles in the quadrotricicale? I find it hard to believe the Klingons were the culprits. I suspect the Borg.

Neo Conservative said...

it's true. i myself am sick and tired
of removing alien prosthetics from my
kids... not to mention the damn dog.

no more aliens... no more aliens!!!