05 July 2018

The "Harvey Weinstein" defense...

Apparently, uber-feminist Prime Minister Feelings... left out the part about being able to exonerate himself...liar, liar

"After 'reflecting very carefully' on groping allegation, Justin Trudeau says he doesn't feel he acted inappropriately."

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Watch CBC infer that the woman involved in Justin groping has something to hide.


UPDATE: Gropee begs to differ...
"The incident referred to in the editorial DID OCCUR, AS REPORTED. Mr. Trudeau did apologize the next day. I did not pursue the incident at the time and will not be pursuing the incident further. I have had no subsequent contact with Mr. Trudeau, before or after he became Prime Minister."

LAST WORD: Rex Murphy has a theoryliar, liar
"As for the incident being “an awakening we’re having as a society,” that is delusionary nonsense, a string of “tone” words, the vague, anxious music of virtue-signalling hummed by someone in a tight political spot."


Frances said...

Let's get real, Neo. Our PM genuinely does not think he did anything wrong back in the day in Creston. That is because he also genuinely feels that any woman he condescends to honour with his attentions should be properly grateful.

However, have you ever taken a hard look at the photo of our future PM from that event? He looks stoned to the gills. Not surprising his recollections of that event are - shall we say - somewhat clouded. I'm surprised he remembers anything of that event. Must be the resilience of youth.

Neo Conservative said...

frances... duly noted.

i have uploaded a picture of senor
slick from that very day
... and he
is obviously very much in his cups.

the real question is... will the
liberal caucus continue to support
one rule for the serfs... and a
different one for the boy-king?


Anonymous said...

Of course they will. They're Liberals after all. Different rules apply as necessary.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love that this is not going away!