04 July 2018

Go ahead, get wasted... but please...

...no more malarkey about medical miracles...trudope

A long term study by the University of NSW — one of the world’s longest in-depth community studies on pharmaceutical opioids and non-cancer pain — has found little evidence to support the use of cannabis in the treatment of chronic pain.

The four-year study of more than 1,500 Australians prescribed opioids for non-cancer pain suggest that there is a need for caution in using medicinal cannabis.

Those in the study who used cannabis, and there were many among those with chronic non-cancer pain who had been prescribed opioids, actually had greater pain, anxiety and were coping less.
I've got a question.

Given Toronto's latest orgy of gang violence, will Ontario be delivering "Tru-dope" in armoured cars to authorised outlets? Seems we could be looking at a new wild west here.