04 July 2018


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On the afternoon of June 27 while most of Canada was at work or watching the World Cup matches, a major funding announcement was made with little fanfare and in front of no more than a couple of dozen, mostly Muslim audience of Pakistani Canadians.

Mississauga-Erindale MP Iqra Khalid who has been the mouthpiece of the divisive Motion M103 on ‘Islamophobia’ stood in her constituency office to announce that the Trudeau government was investing an additional $23 Million into its multiculturalism program.
Pakistan, Pakistan... that sounds so familiar...
"Of the people who encountered either the police or the courts, nearly 7 in 10 had to pay a bribe. Sadly, people don’t feel things can change — only a third think ordinary people can make a difference.
Just something to ponder during that 4 hour wait in the Emergency room before a doctor is available.


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William Imona-Russel is a horrible man. He landed on our doorstep in 2003 from Nigeria with a bogus passport and a fake name and when caught, immediately claimed refugee status.
Behold Justin's munificent "post-national" state.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says-----------------as we happily circle the bowl.

Neo Conservative said...

you get exactly the government you
deserve and until the millennials
and bored housewives realise what
they've done, we just have to live
with it.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says----------------by the time they realize what they have done Canada will have ceased to exist and they won't know it, meaning, they will never realize what they are doing, ever.