03 July 2018

Just another urban music enthusiast...

..."enjoying a high-risk lifestyle"... right, Chief?thugg life

"Police are investigating after a man was seriously injured following a drive-by shooting in downtown Toronto overnight. The shooting happened around 2 a.m. in the area of King Street and Portland Street in the city’s fashion district."
But wait... there's more...
Gunshots rang out on June 15 — barely two weeks earlier — at the same location. Jefferson Morgan, 29, of Oakville, is charged with attempted murder, uttering death threats and an assortment of firearms offences.
The perpetually politically correct Canadian media is full of argle-bargle about "aspiring musical genius." They tiptoe through the minefield without mentioning that both the shooters and shootees are invariably warring denizens of Toronto's various hellhole "community housing projects"... or that they are overwhelming black, (denoting culture rather than dermal attributes)...
"Children who don’t get a dose of that unpleasant DadLogic are statistically far more likely to spend their lives in prison or end their lives early via violence or stupidity."

In Denmark, children over the age of 1 who live in low-income, heavily Muslim immigrant communities that the government classifies as “ghettos” will soon be subject to mandatory training in “Danish values.” They will be required to attend daycare centers for at least 25 hours a week, where they will be taught about the Danish culture and language, including Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter.

If parents refuse to send their children, they could lose their welfare benefits.
Sorry... just the facts. Flame away.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says----------------when it comes to islam any instruction they receive outside the koran is good, even if it is forced.

TheTooner said...

Especially if it is forced. The Islamist narrative says they are oppressed by infidels whether they are or not, and teaches them to hate us. So make their narrative true as far as that goes, and "let them hate, so long as they fear,"
and fear deeply and with good cause.