31 July 2018

Can't even go to a funeral...

...without making it all about himself...insert alt text hereRemember what happened the last time Justin started "memorializing" his brother?

As well, there were the usual weasel words...

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused to say directly Monday whether his government would mandate a total handgun ban in Toronto. Asked about the ban at a scrum, Trudeau responded, “people need to be safe, and we need to take the right measures to do that.”
And not a word about the shooter.


Stuck in T.O. said...

God, I despise this idiot.

Neo Conservative said...

ol' stephen harper just keeps
looking better and better.


Frances said...

Of course it does, because there's no difference between dying in a back country accident in hazardous terrain and being murdered while enjoying and ice cream.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... because there's no difference..."

pm dressup's millionaire trust fund brother
died trying to emulate his privileged papa
by being the faux all-canadian outdoorsman.

obviously, he wasn't very good at it.