25 July 2018

Maybe Mohammed knows the guy...

...who handled Toronto's recent exquisitely timed...
"Hijab Girl" press extravaganza...insert alt text hereMeet Faisal Hussain's parents spin doctor...

Mohammed Hashim is a professional activist and full-time organizer for the Toronto & York Region Labour Council. Social media accounts belonging to Hashim show him heavily involved in supporting NDP candidates both federally and provincially in Ontario.
So what has ol' Mohammed been up to lately?
Shortly after the Ontario Special Investigations Unit revealed the identity of the Danforth shooter as 29-year-old Faisal Hussain, a news release was sent out to select media attributed to the “Hussain Family”.

To date, no member of the Hussain family has spoken publicly or made any direct contact with media. Hashim refused to answer questions from the Sun about the Hussain family and his connection with them.
The Hussain family, who live in a "community housing" apartment on Thorncliffe Park Dr., obviously don't have two nickels to rub together.

So who is paying for their professional P.R. guy?


RELATED: Dear Mohammed Hashim...insert alt text hereYou retweet another persons tweet about your carefully crafted but unsigned "Hussain Family" statement. That seems a little bit dishonest.


UPDATE: No terrorist connection?
Police discovered a cache of ammunition underneath Faisal Hussain’s bed, including loaded magazines for an AK-47 rifle, two fully loaded 9mm handgun magazines, and a variety of loose ammunition. Conspiracy theory videos about 9/11 were also found, newly unsealed police documents revealed.
And where's the evidence for all your assertions about mental illness? And I don't just mean anecdotes from friends...
The National Post has learned that Toronto Police files show little evidence of the typical history of a person with a florid mental illness such as “psychosis,” as his family said. A senior police source, while cautioning that this doesn’t mean Hussain wasn’t mentally ill, said that often with such people, there are frequent encounters with police — calls from the family for help, suicide attempts or committals to hospital under the Mental Health Act.

With Hussain, the source said, “we have very little of that.”

The third party, who had distributed the family’s statement, didn’t reply to a Post email Tuesday, asking if he had any light to shed on the apparent contradiction between the statement and police files.

LAST WORD:: Canada's national broadcaster has a problem...

...separating criminals from victims... well, sometimes...
"If this was Fred Smith, avid deer hunter & target shooter... CBC would be planning a four part Marketplace "Tools of Satan" extravaganza. They'd be following poor Freddie to the crapper."


Anonymous said...

France, England, Italy, Germany, UK, etc.. have all undergone the exact same societal reverse engineering strategies which is unraveling in Canada
and the US presently. Muslims of all factions regardless of radical degree are deploying a "western society insurgency".
They have adopted techniques used during the cold war by the CIA and the Russians with an added dimension - human rights and liberalism which in
effect is contradictory to typical muslim culture. By securing powerful positions in various societies such as doctors, law, politics, policy they
have established themselves as manipulators to the benefit of their cultural and religious agenda. Mohammed Hashim is an operative who's created a
foot print for himself not only as a muslim interests strategist, but also as a damage control "cleaner". The muslims have the perfect insurgency
action plan, the premise being the only way muslims can be defeated by democratic societies is if we break our own human rights laws and policies
to prevent further societal reverse engineering by muslim strategists such as the likes of Mohammed Hashim ! Mohammed was formerly articling for
Heenan Blakie, and is on his way to becoming a powerful muslim interests political policy influencer.

Neo Conservative said...

funny, i didn't see anyone rushing
to flak for paul bernardo when he
was accused of killing two young

guess he was the wrong religion.


Anonymous said...

If he deliberately targeted white people, is it not also a hate crime?
Of course, if roles were reversed, it would be an islamophobic hate crime.

Neo Conservative said...

seems he targeted white women anyway.

apparently told a sikh shopkeeper he
wouldn't hurt him.