30 July 2018

Justin "Fraggle Rock" Trudeau...

...and the immigrant experience...liar,liar

Mr. Trudeau likely has a lot to learn about new Canadians' mindsets. Many of us come from developing countries where mass migration didn’t result in bureaucratic overflow, but in chaos, violence and political instability.

Having shed years of blood, sweat and tears to earn their Canadian passports, many immigrant voters likely didn’t take kindly to their Prime Minister issuing, via Twitter, an open invitation to the rest of the world to collect theirs at the door.
Oh, it gets better... by which I mean worse...insert alt text here
"Trudeau said a Liberal government would also repeal the elements of Bill C-24 that give the government the right to strip citizenship from dual nationals accused of serious crimes such as terrorism."


Martin said...

And Jr's other grandfather invested in a string of petroleum stations making enough money on the family business to finance a couple of generations. Does that translate into him understanding the capitalist system and the value of fossil fuel development as a positive contributer to Canada prosperity?
I don't believe I have heard that part of his experience yet.

Neo Conservative said...

his lawyers & accountants understand it well enough...

Wealthy Canadians are encouraged to use private corporations to pay lower tax than the middle class. That's not fair, and we are going to stop it," Trudeau told reporters in Ottawa.

Trudeau owns private corporation 7664699 Canada Inc. ... His brother Alexandre also has a private corporation, 7664737 Canada Inc. The companies are the primary and secondary shareholders in a third private corporation, 176078 Canada Inc.

Trudeau is also the joint owner with his brother of 9190-0563 Quebec Inc. ...

He transferred his intergenerational family wealth using a family trust system that remains intact while he wants to eliminate the corporate tax benefits that small businesses enjoy.


Frances said...

"...while he wants to eliminate the corporate tax benefits that small businesses enjoy." Think rather that said tax benefits are often the main (if not the only) means by which the owners of said small businesses can amass savings for retirement.

Neo Conservative said...

the boy emperor just does what
his handler mr butts tells him
to do. don't expect logic.