02 July 2018

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In the days that followed, an editorial appeared in the Creston Valley Advance alleging Trudeau had apologized to an unnamed female reporter at the newspaper after “groping” her at the event. It alleged he told the woman he would not have “been so forward” if he had known she was reporting for a national newspaper.

The allegation is particularly problematic for Trudeau, who frequently proclaims himself a feminist and has generally taken a zero-tolerance approach to allegations of sexual misconduct within the Liberal party.

He answered one question on the issue Sunday, but did not offer an opportunity for any follow-ups.

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"Why not bring back these clips from Trudeau saying women must be listened to and believed. That it doesn’t matter how old the allegations are. That even he must be held to the same standard that he has set for his own MPs."


Anonymous said...

The reporter's name was Danielle Stormy!

Neo Conservative said...

hmmm... no sign of her in the media.

folks speculating about whether
playboy justin paid her off for
signing an NDA.