11 July 2018

A Toxic Legacy

The truth is... Canada effectively has no borders...insert alt text here

OTTAWA — The MV Sun Sea carried nearly 500 Tamil migrants to Canada eight years ago, but now the rusting cargo ship sits forlornly on the B.C. coast — an unwanted vessel of toxins including asbestos, PCBs and mould, documents reveal.

The Public Services and Procurement Department recently issued a request for feedback from industry on how to dismantle and dispose of the 38-year-old steel ship with an infamous past.

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Italy’s populist government intensified its hardline stance against migrants by refusing, for the first time, to allow an Italian merchant ship to deliver a group of rescued asylum seekers to an Italian port.

LAST WORD: No borders... no problem...
Adonay Zekarias, 46, killed and dismembered Ghirmay to stop her from revealing the earlier murder of Semret, court heard. is already serving life in prison for the first-degree murder of Semret, 55, an hotel maid he stabbed in a Cabbagetown laneway in October 2012.
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It won’t bring back use of his legs. It won’t free Nassundu Williams from his wheelchair. But for shooting the father of three in a brazen daylight attack over a political argument, a judge has sent twins Darko and Daniel Stojanovski to prison for 18 years.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says----------------as far as the boat is concerned, if it still floats get a tug and drag it 200 miles offshore and sink the damn thing.