12 July 2018

It's a Justin World...

...where no heroic deed goes unpunished...insert alt text here

A sporting goods store employee, Dean Crouch, 32, who last month helped catch a suspect allegedly trying to steal a .40 caliber handgun and matching ammunition, was suspended and later lost his job at the Florida business following the incident, his lawyer said.

His attorney, Ryan Hobbs, claimed his client was placed on suspension in the days after the incident amid a policy that prohibits employees from placing their hands on customers while they’re in the store.

Company spokeswoman Elise Hasbrook told the Democrat that Academy Sports’s treatment of the former employee’s conduct, as well as his eventual firing, complied with company policy.

UPDATE: Academy Sports admits that they...

...stepped on their corporate dick...
“I am pleased to report that the head of Academy Sports + Outdoors stores spoke with Mr. Crouch and offered him his job back and Mr. Crouch accepted,” his attorney Ryan Hobbs said.
And what of the gun-grabber?insert alt text here
A Tallahassee man is in custody after he is accused of grabbing three guns from two local businesses. Jason White, 24, faces three counts of firearm thefts from Cash America Pawn and Academy Sports Friday.

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A Nevada judge effectively blocked the execution of a two-time killer Wednesday after a pharmaceutical company objected to the use of one of its drugs to put someone to death.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says----------------this world is so screwed. the terminally stupid are in control everywhere and only their removal will restore balance.

Neo Conservative said...

at some point the lunatics will consume each other.