09 March 2012

STOP... or I'll yell stop again!!!

Remember, the next time you run across a knife-wielding lunatic... forget 911... just call an aging flower child...

Sewell will ask that the primary goals in any policy should be to de-escalate and defuse situations instead of exercising policies of control.

Sewell is asking that use of force protocols should be suspended when dealing with individuals in a mental crisis.
Ex-Mayor McPeace then cites two recent incidents as an indictment of Toronto police... unfortunately leaving out a few pertinent details.

So let's fill in the blanks, shall we?

Meet Michael Eligon...
"After leaving the hospital, the 5-foot-11, 160-pound man is believed to have injured someone (the Globe & Mail has a witness saying Eligon stabbed a shopper and injured a police officer) inside a nearby convenience store before trying to hijack a car."
And Sylvia Klibingaitis...
SIU director Ian Scott said Sylvia Klibingaitis made a 911 call saying she was armed with a knife and was going to commit a crime.

“She went directly toward the subject officer holding the knife in a threatening manner,” he stated. The officer pulled out his service pistol and pointed it at Klibingaitis while stepping backward toward the street.
Sorry, folks... you're out in public with a deadly weapon and moving towards an armed copper with speed & intent... all bets are off.

Except, of course, if you're one of John Sewell's merry band of Yoko-channeling anarchists.


Anonymous said...

Seems like Sewell is the one who's mentally ill.

Neo Conservative said...

perhaps mr sewell could offer his services to the police as an intermediary in cases like this.

instead of sending in swat, they can dispatch this somewhat wilted flower child to talk violent people down.


Norm said...

1. How will the average cop determine if someone is "mentally ill"? What standards will be used? Do we give several years of medical training to cops so they may accurately diagnose the attacker's mental health?As Chief Justice of the USA Oliver Wendell Holmes famously stated "Detached reflection cannot be demanded in the face of an uplifted knife".
2. How much will the 7/24, city wide mental health team first responders cost from the public purse? What other services shall we eliminate to fund this programme?
3. Please idenify ALL members of the Toronto Police Accountability Coalition and the groups source of funding. Methinks the group is Sewell and a couple of his cronies.
4. My how people are easily traumatized these days. I thought the violence on TV and in movies was supposed to make people immune to the horror of violence.

Neo Conservative said...

you get out of your radio car & suddenly someone is running at you wielding a knife.

decide what you have to do in 3 seconds... oops, too late.