03 March 2012

In other " love, hope & optimism" news

Libellous, big-mouth Dipper bully gets punched in the nose...

"New Democrat MP Pat Martin, known for his colourful and sometimes profanity-laced tirades against the Conservatives, is brushing off a defamation lawsuit against him and his party."

"The MP called the company 'rascals' in a news conference and accused it of making 'hundreds of thousands of phoney phone calls' that were part of a 'massive conspiracy to defraud the electoral system'."
Pat Martin is the poster boy for everything that is wrong with Canadian politics.

Perhaps he'll learn that this sort of behaviour is unacceptable AND costly.


In light of the robocall stuff ramping up, I have 3 questions:-

1) Was all the adscam money repaid?

2) All the libs that were to repay campaign/leadership loans according to EC rulings.....have they done so?

3) If the massage parlour that Layton attended was giving therapeutic massages, one would think that all the employees would be licenced.

Were such licences issued for employees there and did the business have a licence permitting therapeutic services?

Wouldn’t it be timely if Conservative bloggers were to start investigating the above (and any other unfinished business) and mercilessly ‘held the exposed feet to the fire’?

LAST WORD: Much ado about Pat Martin

"Turnout in neighbouring untainted ridings does not seem to have been significantly different. If these allegations of voter suppression tactics are indeed true, they do not appear to have been very successful."
(h/t bcf)


Pissedoff said...

The laugh is he is trying to claim he is the victim, the loud mouthed dirt bag.

Anonymous said...

SLAPP away. Truth is a complete defense.

Just as Big Vic wants an inquisition of a politically incorrect Liberal staffer for making public information more public, the Racknine suit will of course involve a discovery phase. That is where we will find out who knew what, and when they knew it, and how far up the CPC food chain this stinking mess actually goes.

Or put another way, the trap is sprung.


maryT said...

His stmt that he had no time to apologize goes against what he said on the talk shows, I have nothing to apologize for.
Wonder if the lawsuit will come up in the ndp debate tomorrow. Make sure it gets out that both the NDP and Pat Martin are being sued.

Norm said...

Wrapping himself in the flag. The last refuge of scoundrals.

jwkozak91 said...

Thank St. Tommy of Weyburn that ol' Pat repeated his slurs outside the legally immune confines of the House!

Anonymous said...

"Hundreds of thosands of phony phone calls"?
How about hundreds of thousands of phony, false and totally unproven accusations?
I hope Pat Martin has to pay the piper himself.
Cheers Bubba

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be excellent if the Dippers got nailed for $5 Million?
On a related issue, I wonder if anyone is checking with elections Canada about the status of the Libs who had failed to repay election loans, I think they were for the leadership.
Wouldn't it be great if that chicken also came home to roost soon.

Anonymous said...

Cheaters never prosper.

Rich said...

I hope the NDP gets dinged for $5Million, it would be a much needed comeuppance to a group that loves to throw around histrionic claims.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately a bully needs a good beating to learn a lesson. A lawsuit will I believe be paid by the taxpayer.

Neo Conservative said...

nonny shrieks... the trap is sprung.

hmmm, Hahahahahahahahahaha!... that sounds so familiar.