02 March 2012

Accused, arrested, stripped and bent over...

...or what Premier Dalton McGuinty refers to as... "a difficulty"...

School officials in southwestern Ontario who called authorities after a four-year-old girl drew a picture of her dad holding a gun shouldn't be condemned for their actions, Premier Dalton McGuinty said Wednesday.

"While it may be difficult for this individual — and I can understand that — it's an opportunity to ... engage ourselves in a very important conversation about where do we draw the line in those kinds of things," he said.
An opportunity, huh? We should all be so lucky... right Dalton?
The girl's father, Jessie Sansone, was handcuffed, stripsearched and told he was being charged with illegal possession of a firearm.
It gets better. His wife gets reeled in and his kids get scooped up by the CAS.
His pregnant wife — at home with their 15-month-old daughter — had to go to the police station while their other three children were interviewed by Family and Children's Services.
Now don't you worry... this is simply another example of Dalton & company looking out for your interests.
The cake has to go to Gregg Bereznick, the superintendent of Waterloo Region District School Board.

“We do work hand in hand with the families because we co-parent,” Bereznick told QMI Agency reporter Kris Sims.

Funny, I don’t recall signing any document giving any teacher or school official permission to be the co-parent of any of my children.
So Dalton... where do we draw the line about arresting and stripsearching innocent citizens?

Surely not at an innocent conversation with a four year-old child... and a plastic toy gun.


Anonymous said...

Too bad they couldn't just check the registry and be able to presume he didn't have a gun, then send someone to interview the kid and check the home. But it's not politically correct to check the registry anymore.

Anonymous said...

But if it was a Conservative provincial government or done at the federal level...Well needless to say we know how the MSM would be whipping this up constantly.
Where are the cat calls and bellows of draconian tactics from the progressives on this?
Cue the sound of crickets

Kevin said...

Circle the wagons. When was the last time governments officials admitted they were wrong. This is getting embarrassing.

Shawn Joseph said...

If the school board feels that they are "co-parents" I need to get in touch with the Family Responsibility Office. They are WAY behind on their support payments.

Neo Conservative said...

stripsearched AND the cas got to snatch & grill his kids... and dalton thinks that's okay?

where's the media outrage?

oh yeah... they're much too busy still trying to whip up a public frenzy over robocalling.


max said...

to nonny@ 8:45:

All handguns are registered, and if the guy is legally allowed to own a firearm, he would have a PAL which the police can still check. The long gun registry was just that - a database of rifles, shotguns and owners. The bottom line is that the long gun registry was an attempt at a per-gun approach at accounting whereas the per-person approach still exists and is probably more useful for cops anyway.

Neo Conservative said...

you notice the police always seem to need probable cause when they go after actual criminals?

you think they could have used a flimsy pretext like this to stripsearch the president of the local hells angels?

and dalton's good with this? who's the fascist now?