28 March 2012

No Tommy, you dumb bunny...

...there's this thing called "majority government"...all bluster, no meatAnybody else getting tired of the media highlighting the same old nonsensical, partisan rhetoric?

Today's papers are full of "pronouncements" by the Opposition parties predicting utter chaos & disaster as a result of the upcoming Conservative budget.

The fact is, not having read a single word of this document, these idiots are, as per usual, doing nothing useful... instead merely screaming blindly into the hyper-partisan wind.

And why do they do it?

I guess because it works.

Wake up, sheeple. Demand more from your elected representatives... AND the media.


Jen said...

The NDQF have already said that they were not going to support the budget so why are thy huffing and puffing about.

You will swear that they care for the public so much so that they have voted against bills and the last massive budget brought out before the last election- a budget that all provinces wanted but voted down by the opposition parties.

Mulclair still hasn't given up his 'French' passport.

joseph said...

Let him keep doing this and the only thing he will accomplish is over hyped stratospheric expectations....sort of what has tripped up the last two opposition leaders.
His only goal is that he wants to show he can get under Harper's skin, but all Harper needs to do is ignore him and move ahead like he's got a majority...which he does.
The mule is starting to emulate all the leadership qualities of Paul Martin. Overblown expectations and excessive hyperbole.
Tommy two-step needs to tell Canadians what he plans to do differently, instead of telling the fawning media how much he hates Harper.

Blame Crash said...

Actually, if it really did work, the Coalition quacks and their journalistic fraud cohorts would be running the government rather than just running off at the mouth. He and his ilk can screech all they want, the louder, the better as far as I’m concerned. Anyone with a brain is already zoning out all the white noise emanating from their crackpot mouths. By the time the next election rolls around, every Tom Dick and Harry will have had their fill of Tomfoolery Mulcair.

prairie dog said...

I guess they need a dummy for the pressers, eh...sigh.

Anonymous said...

It is not so much the bashing of the budget without even reading it. What bothers me is thsat they do not give any advice or policies that they would put in place to solve the problem of the National Debt.

I already know that they will butcher the Cons and give gloom and doom of Canada.

I'll be watching how they budget the HRC and CBC to see if they are serious on cutting back. Sad to say, I will not be holding my breath to see cuts to those two.

It would also make one feel better if they took away Dr. Fruitfly's charatable status - yet they are afraid of enviroMENTALists.

Clown Party