02 March 2012

Alberta's startin' to look pretty good

Just another day in McSlippery's socialist paradise...

Average Ontario household power rates will be the highest in North America except for Prince Edward Island by the end of 2013. The pace of Ontario’s rate increases will pick up in 2014 due to commitments already locked in.
It gets better...
With power rates in the U.S. trending downward, Ontario’s lead is going to widen.
Yup... we're number 1.


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Ontario’s largest propane tank processor says it will pull out of Stewardship Ontario’s recycling program this spring if rates aren’t increased, adding pressure to a government-mandated review of the not-for-profit recycling corporation announced last month.

Caledon Propane’s only significant competitor – Hotz Environmental – quit the program earlier this year for the same reason. Hotz was also the province’s largest paint recycler.
Isn't this the same government that gave 81 million dollars to a casino in Windsor? I guess we know where that money came from, huh?
In January, Stewardship Ontario took the contracts out of municipalities’ hands and began offering service providers a fixed rate for their work – one that many decried as artificially low.
Hmmm... kinda like screwin' over Ontario farmers by reneging on ground-based solar remuneration.


Kevin said...

Yes my fellow Ontario citizens are about to find out just how much the green activist have played them for suckers. Democracy is where the stupid get to ruin it for the rest of us.

Leeky Sweek said...

Come on out! There's always room for another conservative. Hopefully before year's end we'll have a Conservative premier.

Neo Conservative said...

give it another couple years and dalton will have totally driven the once mighty economic engine of canada right into the ground.

the sheeple have managed to get the kind of government they deserve.


James Higham said...

Why do people actually vote socialist?

Anonymous said...

I'd rather vote socialist than fascist. Socialists will take your money to give to others. Fascists will take your rights and then your life.

Norm said...

Why do people vote socialist? Why do folks still get taken in by Nigerian princes needing help to retrieve their $2 billion dollar inheritence? Because the lure of something for nothing has a very strong appeal!
As one ages and becomes a bit wiser one realizes the last time you tried to get something for nothing you got nothing.

obituary said...

Why socialist votes? Easy...so they can spend other people's money on themselves.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny shrieks... Fascists will take your rights and then your life"

oh, nonny... you do all the work for me.


Norm said...

Nonny; Fascisim is a branch of socialism. The commies are "international socialist" whereas fascists are "national socialists". BTW the last body count had the international socialists way ahead in murdering their own people and miles ahead in murdering their neighbours.

Neo Conservative said...

the thing is, norm... nonny doesn't wanna hear any boring statistics... he just knows what's really wrong with the world.