07 October 2011

You know that old saying...

..."Only a fool brings a knife to... "an interaction"...

The Special Investigations Unit said Sylvia Klibingaitis, 52, was shot once in the chest following an interaction with an officer. An ambulance took her to Sunnybrook Hospital, where she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

“It’s my understanding that she did pursue the officer with a knife,” said Const. Wendy Drummond.
How come there's never a taser around, when you really, really need one.


UPDATE: Hey, two sides to every story, right?

"Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be lawyers."
“This lady was a devoutly religious woman who volunteered at nursing homes to help elderly people,” Goldkind said. “She was upgrading her education at the U of T and she was raising a teenaged daughter. She was a good person. This is disheartening for me."
Yup, me too... if only she hadn't tried to disembowel a cop.


LAST WORD: Enough with the lawyers...

...let's just have the facts...
SIU director Ian Scott said Sylvia Klibingaitis made a 911 call saying she was armed with a knife and was going to commit a crime.

As an officer approached the Wedgewood Dr. home, a grandmother who struggled with mental illness most of her adult life, rushed out onto the porch wielding a large knife.

“She went directly toward the subject officer holding the knife in a threatening manner,” he stated. The officer pulled out his service pistol and pointed it at Klibingaitis while stepping backward toward the street.

Scott stated the officer repeatedly yelled to put the knife down, but Klibingaitis responded, “No.”
Sorry, Peace Moonbeam... religious granny notwithstanding... this one's got suicide by cop written all over it...
“The in-car video camera recordings showed her less than two metres away from the subject officer with the knife positioned above her shoulder and continuing to close in on him when the subject officer discharged his firearm three times in rapid succession causing Ms. Klibingaitis to fall on the roadway.”


Anonymous said...

again cops incapable of subduing a woman with out extreme force. was the cop a small woman?

Neo Conservative said...

lemme see... cowardly, anonymous troll questioning the bravery of a cop facing an armed assailant.

gotta love that.