14 March 2012

You say to-may-toe...

...I say to-mah... er, well... bullshit...

“Liberals are committed to co-operating with this investigation,” Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae said. “We are setting the standard for openness and transparency, and we expect that all other political parties will follow suit.”
Of course, there's "openness and transparency" AND THEN there's "Liberal openness and transparency"...
Speaking to reporters later, Mr. Rae acknowledged the bounty of materials provided to Elections Canada did not include information on a Liberal robo-call in Guelph that attacked Conservative candidate Marty Burke for his stand on abortion.
Hmmm... didn't the Liberal Party also not acknowledge that they were behind this attack... in contravention of Election Canada laws?

Stand by for opposition mouthpiece Ted Betts to jump to Mr Rae's defense in three, two...


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“Mr. Carroll remains willing to voluntarily appear and respect the invitation that was originally extended to him on March 8, 2012,” the letter said. “Ultimatums and threats without legal foundation are unnecessary, undignified and abusive.”
You know... unlike splashing someone's messy divorce all over the internet.


Enkidu said...

I truly hope the CPC does not sink to the "standard for openness and transparency" set by the Liberal Party. I expect far better from them.

joseph said...

Today has just been chock full of liberal revelations.

Mr Carol by refusing would be subject to the same fate as anyone else when called before committee to testify, that would be found in contempt of Parliament. Now if I'm not mistaken wasn't that the reason the liberals fought the last election?
Speaking of the last election, we will recall that the PM hammered on the theme that the opposition would try to form a coalition if he won a minority. Well seems the liberal gift to conservatives has gone and had another outburst again. Seems that Sun News has a clip of the youn prince openly musing about a coalition in 2015. First the guy talks about separatism as an option, now he wants to form a coalition with the socialists. How long before he floats the idea of forming a new party called the Liberal, Separatist, Democrat party....or LSD for short.

Rich said...

Liberal Openness...OK then Mr. Rae, let's start with answers to these 2 questions
1) Has all the Adscam money been repaid by the Liberal Party of Canada?

2) Have all the LPOC members (who were allowed extensions by EC regarding repaying loans) done so and who has not ?

Canadian bloggers, please join forces and help get some answers.