05 March 2012

Speaking of boobs... and no, not Pat Martin

The Globe & Mail's Wendy Leung shows you how "professional" journalists do it...
and george brown weptHey, it ain't just me... looks like the G&M's editorial staff shares Wendy's enthusiasm for celebrity tatas.
it's time for a celebrity breastfeeding journalI guess it's true... the success of any great literary enterprise is in the details.


UPDATE: Your Globe & Mail...

...from celebrity breasts to outright chicanery.

It's what they do best.


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...to privatise the CBC...

Anybody see the CBC report on election fraud in the U.S.? It focused on alleged fraud by Republicans only -- not a word about the Obama/Acorn scam. The CBC does not represent political diversity at any level -- Nationally or Internationally -- it is clearly a Left lobby organization that has little to do with objective journalism.

Why should Canadians have to pay for that? Freedom of the press and media is guaranteed under our Charter and the CBC violates that freedom by allowing only one voice although all taxpayers are forced to fund it.
Need an example?
The guy currently on CBC representing "Canadians Against Electoral Fraud" was also a spokesperson for Occupy Ottawa. I'm just sayin'.

...and I'm sure that the CBC didn't know this. /sarc.
A billion taxpayer dollars per year. It's time to stop the madness.


Patsplace said...

Such big news to print. My goodness, stay tuned, tomorrow she's going to change her diaper.

Neo Conservative said...

yup... canada's most respected name in news.