02 May 2008

Hey Dalton...

How about, "No parole, no funeral"... that might work...

Insp. Norm English said the suspect is known to police for a "variety of criminal matters," and was facing an outstanding violent offence at the time of the incident.

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Her arm in a sling, her face bandaged and bruised, Sunny Park spent hours telling police how she thought her husband had just tried to kill her - and would try again if she divorced him.

"'I'll kill everybody and I'll kill myself', like that . . . it gets worse every time," said Park, recounting her husband's threats.

Five weeks later, her husband Peter Kyun Joon Lee succeeded in taking her life and killed the couple's young son and Park's parents. Lee also killed himself.
You know they're dangerous... fuck the optics... do something.



langmann said...

I'll say it again because it doesn't get said enough. At a foresics hospital where I worked for a bit, I was always amazed by the long records of assaults and rapes that many of the people there being assessed had.

I began to wonder, how after the second time was the criminal record able to get so long?

You just have to hang out on Cynic's site to figure that out.

Neo Conservative said...

well... in the mythical land of "progressia"... there's apparently no such thing as a bad boy.