01 December 2014

Remember back in the day...

...some young kid pissed you off... you'd rear back and smash his face with your forehead?

Yeah... me neither...

Two men have been arrested after police released video footage of a 14-year-old banquet hall employee being head butted at a wedding reception by a guest.

York Regional Police said the incident occurred after the boy, a coat-check clerk, asked a group of partygoers who were smoking outside the Vaughan banquet hall to bring their drinks inside on November 8.

In the video, one man is seen moving forward and head butting the employee, who stumbles backwards.

Sameen Fatah, 22, and Omaid Fatah, 19, both of Toronto, face charges related to the incident and were arrested Thursday.
And then the rest of the people at the event refused to identify the thug who did this. Sure doesn't sound like any wedding I've ever been to.