24 December 2014

The short answer is...

...people die...don't need a weathermanOh, right... the question is... "What happens when you let sympathy cloud what should be the straightforward balancing of an equation?

The Eaton Centre shooter was released on bail... TWICE... before he went on to commit multiple murders and maimings. The legal system isn't just broken... it has been burned to the ground. Remember, people died here... and innocent bystanders were seriously injured.

So when will we learn our lesson?

It's coming to a head, I think, as evidenced by reaction in the comments to the statement, "Jail is a hard place, getting harder all the time."

And good gawd, let's not get started on the horrors of powdered milk. Or, maybe... let's do.

Ballbounces writes... "If drinking powdered milk is a cruelty, then I had a cruel upbringing. Who do I sue?"

To which Big Red replies... "I am with you. We need to start a class action suit. When I was a kid, times were so bad we used to eat our powdered milk dry, with a spoon. Couldn't afford the water to mix it up."

Earl Smith then weighs in... "A spoon. A SPOON??? Utter luxury. We dreamed and prayed for a spoon in our family, we were so poor."

I'm stunned that anyone could regard "powdered milk" for murderers as any sort of an issue. Didn't we just used to hang these guys?

I don't know if dead is a hard place, except maybe for all the folks you leave behind. I do know that it's more difficult to deal with than powdered milk.

Let's get our collective heads out of our asses. No more sympathy over cold, hard facts.


Pissedoff said...

Powdered milk? As a kid in England during the war we got powdered eggs.

I liked them and when I finally saw my first real egg thought it was rubbish.

Neo Conservative said...

prison isn't supposed to be fun or easy. maybe if it was really a horrible place, fewer of these assholes would spend half their lives there.

no more televisions, conjugal visits, culturally sensitive foods... or privileges like voting.

bring back chain gangs.

and why are we warehousing scum like paul bernardo and russell williams?


Neo Conservative said...

nota bene...

my biggest fan dropped in yet again to insert a troll about stephen harper. it had absolutely nothing to do with the post so i won't be sharing it with you all.

it's nice to know that this guy hangs on my every word... but the comments are uniformly insulting and posted to jam up the thread.

it's what the proggies do in lieu of actual debate. anyway, nonny... take it back over to rabble, i'm sure all the flying monkeys will luv you long time.