19 December 2014


"I'm totally shocked, SHOCKED, I tell ya!" said absolutely nobody anywhere in Ontario ever.
Just another day in the Lieberal swamp.


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The latest debacle: Ms. Lysyk found — stop me if you’ve heard this one before — that a billion public dollars have been spent while failing to accomplish the goal.

It’s not ehealth records, or even cancelled power plants. This time, it’s smart meters — technology that had to be installed on all Ontario homes to monitor their electricity usage.


Anonymous said...

Notice the silence? That's the outrage from unions and their ever obedient La La La Land voters.


Neo Conservative said...

and as ontari-owe slides further into unmanageable debt under the liberals... including having the most expensive electricity in north america... folks hunker down in front of their wide screen televisions and pretend all is well.

you get the kind of government you deserve. as long as people choose unicorns and fairy dust, nothing will change.