22 December 2014

Less Justin Trudeau... more Dillon Hillier

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This is why we don't take you seriously...

just plain lazy

JTF2 "operators," as they prefer to be called, use a Macmillan TAC-50 rifle nicknamed "Big Mac." It's the longest-range weapon available to snipers, with a range of 2.3 km. The Big Mac has been standard issue for elite Canadian snipers since 2000.

QMI was unable to confirm if Canada provided TAC-50s to Iraqi and Kurdish snipers.
Confirm, you disingenuous hacks? I'm unable to confirm that Tom Mulcair is not having hot chimp sex with Olivia Chow on the steps of Parliament as we speak... but you don't see me passing it off as journalism. Your claiming to know about the "operator's" preferences strikes me as totally made-up as well. You guys are like, what... besties? You jock up with JTF-2 on the weekend? I don't think so.

Speaking of facts, the photo in your article is not a MacMillan TAC 50. That photo is of a rifle (manufactured by Colt Industries in Kitchener, Ontario) descended from the venerable M16... and is the battle rifle issued to all regular Canadian troops. It's not even made in the same country (Phoenix, Arizona) as the McMillan.

Copying & pasting a bunch of gun porn (along with a picture of a totally different rifle) is not journalism. It's like using a picture of a jumbo jet in a story about Amelia Earhart. Or pretending that Gamil Gharbi is just another French-Canadian dude named Marc.

What happened to the thesis here... that Canada has boots on the ground fighting ISIS? Nah, you just gloss over that and sprinkle the narrative with some gun stats you don't even understand yourself.

You don't care enough about the narrative to even source the correct photographs...just plain lazyIs the rest of the story just bullshit as well?

No wonder the dead tree media is defunct.


Anonymous said...

The term professional journalist no longer applies to media. They are cut and paste progressive prostitutes.

Anonymous said...

I once nailed CTV for posting a photo of an AK-47, restricted, along with an article full of the usual hysterics about the gun registry. Most of these ignorant clowns wouldn't know a centerfire rifle from a Daisy BB gun.

Al in Cranbrook

Neo Conservative said...

al, i agree... astounding and often willing ignorance.

there is no such thing as hard news any more... it's largely info-tainment for an increasingly ignorant audience. it's how a justin trudeau, the paris hilton of canadian politics, can be elected to high office.

even the once mighty globe & mail, runs beauty tips and dating advice in place of serious news.

personal freedoms are being eroded and the public doesn't even notice. we've been lulled to sleep.

and we will eventually pay the piper.