12 December 2014

Third time unlucky?

It has happened before. It will happen again...

In the last 200 years, only the 1859 and 1921 solar superstorms are believed by experts to have exceeded the 4,000 nanoTesla/minute level over the U.S. If one of these storms were to occur today, many experts believe they would likely damage key elements of the power grid and could cause very long-term power outages over much of the United States.
Bear in mind that in 1859 and even 1921 there was much less infrastructure to be damaged. No integrated circuits, no computer chips, hardly any transformers.

Try an experiment. Go downstairs to your home's breaker panel. Shut off the main power. Do not use your cellphone or your laptop. Do not use your car. You are also not allowed to turn on water taps.

Remember... all the grocery stores will be in the same position. They will empty out over the next day or so as there will be no viable transportation network left. There will also be no 911... no police, fire or ambulance. That generator you bought and tucked away at the back of the garage? It's fried too.

Do you live in a community like Ferguson, Missouri? Your life could suddenly become much more, uh... dynamic.

Let me know how long you would be willing or able to live this way.