29 November 2014

I have to confess, I'm more worried...

...about the billions of dollars they piss away on purpose... but still...

TORONTO — The Ontario [Liberal] government says a glitch with social assistance transfers that queued up $20 million in overpayments has been fixed — though efforts are underway to retrieve $300,000 that did end up being received.

Amber Anderson says around 6,000 of the wrongful direct transfers and cheques did make it out the door but were either pulled back or cancelled — though 253 clients did receive a total of around $300,000 yet to be retrieved.

Will Liberal MPP's make up any shortfall to the taxpayers of Ontario from their obscene salaries?


Anonymous said...

Andrew Coyne points out that the Harper government pissed away 4 Billion on the car companies. And that was after a campaign promise to never give corporate welfare. Can't you get the "Harper government" to believe in something and deliver on a promise.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Coyne:

Neo Conservative said...

"big andrew coyne fan nonny again says... Can't you get the "Harper government" to..."

yup... i'll mention that the next time the prime minister comes over for burgs & dogs.

corporate welfare is a bad thing. the conservatives do fewer bad things than the libramos.

no actual comment on the post? we call that trolling.