08 December 2014

We're all gonna die... we're all gonna die

...just not from legally owned firearms...

When the federal Conservative government abolished the long-gun registry back in 2012, gun-control advocates predicted no end to the criminal chaos that would result.

If duck hunters, farmers and collectors were no longer required to register their rifles and shotguns, women would not be safe in their homes. They would be slaughtered by their murderous male partners.

Gun-control activists also forecast rampant crime in Canadian streets. And, of course, the murder rate would soar.

However the 2013 homicide figures were released by Statistics Canada on Monday. In the first full year without the registry, the murder rate in Canada went down significantly – 8%.

More specifically, “the rate of firearm-related homicide decreased 25%.”
So, the next time you hear Thomas Mulcair and the NDP want to cough up another 2 billion dollars to revive the long gun registry (remember, handguns have had their own registry for 85 years now and long gun owners already jump through expensive and extensive hoops to buy firearms of any stripe), just crunch the numbers and ask yourself if you actually have some extra cash to donate to the federal deficit.

To paraphrase Jeff Cooper... a complicated and expensive solution to a problem that doesn't even exist.


BREAKING: Domestic dispute @Uncle Tom's Cabin...
Dare I say it... did Mr Mulcair "shoot himself in the foot?"


Anonymous said...

Mad Tom Muclair, now is he not the fellow that wants 24/7, 364,
Police protection?
I am assuming his protection will have guns, ironic, no?
He just cannot bring himself to call the terrorist attack on Parliment Hill, a terrorist attack.
The left just loves the shooting of the women in Montreal, but refuse to use the terrorist's actual name Ghamil Gharbie.
His mother changed it when he moved to Canada from Morroco
I also never see it mentioned that 4 men were also shot.

Neo Conservative said...

yup... ghamil gharbi's fifteen minutes of fame, or as kathy shaidle calls it... never hear the end of it day.

and also the reason the federal liberals took 2 billion taxpayer dollars... made a very public feelgood paper mountain and then "burned that bitch down!!!"


Fred from BC said...

But Heidi and Wendy claim that the registry saved 300 lives.

They wouldn't actually LIE about something like that, would they? Nahhh....

Neo Conservative said...

justin trudeau claims he's roman catholic, but won't sign nomination papers for any liberal candidate who won't support abortion on demand.

the lunatic left are like jihadis... they feel they're allowed to lie and cheat if it furthers their holy ends.