31 December 2014

"EAT ME!!!"

"Township officials have said it's not an anti-zombie issue, but pro-zoning rules."
These guys aren't dummies... we've all seen what happens when you piss off the Zombie-American "Community."


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"Let me fix that headline for you."more police hit squadsPerhaps the "professional" journalists at the Canadian Press meant to use the word "INTERAC"... as in "making a withdrawal."

Note that there is no mention of the "alleged" robber using a gun in this "reported" robbery.

No wonder people lose their shit when they read about these things. This article makes it sound as though the police, upon hearing of a possible crime, raced over to the nearest welfare hellhole and shot a random bystander in this "may, or may not have happened" crime.

Could there possibly be any other explanation?armed robber shot dead in scarberiaOh, look...
CP24 has learned that a bystander at Warden station called 911 to report that a man ARMED WITH A GUN was robbing a TTC collector.
Was there a gun? Sure sounds like police had reason to think so.

At least one news organisation is unafraid to call things by their proper names. Bravo CityPulse.


UPDATE: If Justin had a son...
A neighbour of 33-year-old Daniel Clause, shot and killed by police after he allegedly robbed a Scarborough TTC station called the man “a loaded gun."

“I believe his addiction took hold,” he said of the robbery attempt, adding that Clause had been acting erratically lately. “He’d smash his apartment up, HE DID STUPID THINGS.”
If only Clause had been able to wait for Justin to legalise drugs. On the other hand, his epitaph is already written.


UPDATE2: Taking panhandling to a new level
"My name is Daniel I am 3 3 I have been on my own since I was 11 years old it has taken me a long journey to get here many roads traveled alot of ups and downs many failure many vultures looking to prey an a young and impressionable kid with no guidance no family and no real support system I'm hoping I can avoid at least one kid from going threw that whatI have by opening doors and providing opportunity to eXpressMusic art and providing a safe environment 2 succeed and excel"
It's been two decades since he was a young and impressionable kid and it sounds as though he navigated the support system just fine.


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