24 December 2014

So, Premier Wynne...

..., you'll pay for the coverup, but not the actual crime... caught in the actI'm not sure that I follow the logic here...

Premier Kathleen Wynne's press secretary says in a statement that the Ontario Liberal Party executive council voted Monday to cover the payment so no tax dollars go toward work currently under police investigation.
I have a question, Premier. When you say "no tax dollars go toward work currently under police investigation"... does that include the hundreds of millions of dollars the Liberal party said they were shelling out as compensation for the gas plants THAT DIDN'T GET BUILT?"

I'm guessing, if so, you would have led with that. Sigh.

So, in actuality, this $10,000 is just one loogie in an ocean of larcenous Liberal spit.

Forgive my impertinence, but, as Premier of Ontario... you do get that ALL police work is funded with taxpayer dollars. Also, that any and all monies funneled to Liberal operatives (or their family members) for work that triggers subsequent criminal investigation is a horse of an entirely different colour?

So, just to be clear, what you're coughing up here, is under-the-table funds paid to the spouse of Dalton McGuinty's deputy chief of staff for a little nudge-nudge wink-wink say-no-more services, specifically deletion of emails and like documentation in an alleged criminal conspiracy. I mean, if it were simply required maintenance, that could simply have been performed by the extremely well-paid Queens Park IT department, right?

So, cards on the table, these same monies, despite your press secretary's vague and misleading statement, have not a smidge to do with monies compensating the police... past, present or future.

And now that the net is closing... you'll pay them back. Bravo Madam Premier.



A list of Liberal scandals.

p.s. Not recommended for folks with cardiovascular issues.


Anonymous said...

I've got no more sympathy for Ontario. You have voted in the government you deserve.

Neo Conservative said...

agree completely. this is some kind of shameful shit... and apparently ontarians just don't care.

ehealth, olg, the list goes on... nobody bats an eye. kathleen & justin trudeau set up a gay pride photo op with a mcguinty pal who is soon after arrested for possession of child porn and... crickets.

george smitherman admits his involvement with party drugs and marries a man with a history of mental illness... and they get to adopt children. the partner kills himself and, again... crickets.

jack layton is found naked in a whorehouse during a raid for underage hookers and wins his largest victory ever.

ontario is finished. businesses flee as energy costs rise.

and kathleen wynne wonders why stephen harper doesn't rush to her side with bags of cash.


Anonymous said...

Here is a good list what the Ontario libs have wasted:


Neo Conservative said...

thx for that... i think.

added to main article.