03 December 2014

Burying the lede?

How far will your average politically correct "professional journalist" go... not to mention the "M" word?

Pretty far, it seems... although there's apparently some compelling reason to bring real-estate agents into the blood-soaked, medieval mix.what's muslim got to do with it

The Crown prosecutor told court that although media reports at the time described the attacks as a family “honour crime”, nothing in the case file supports that theory.
Nothing you say? Seriously?

Okay, let's get it out there... this guy is, as Licia Corbella would say, "not one of us."

What's that you say... too harsh?

I'm afraid I'll have to disagree. Vehemently. Cutting bits off a family pet, never mind your daughter... puts you squarely on the sociopathological end of the parental discipline continuum. (Hmmm... cutting bits off women... that actually sounds kind of familiar, but for now let's get back to the matter at hand).
His wife and daughter had just returned from his daughter’s new apartment. The father had never agreed that his eldest daughter, 20, could move out. And when she said her father no longer controlled her life, he said that in fact he did and slapped her across the face.
You listen to folks like Justin Trudeau, Ottawa is Progressia Central. I get that modern parents may have moved past traditional western sanctions like spanking and grounding... but this guy seems to have picked up his parenting chops (pun intended) from, and I'm just guessing here, the 11th century.
He then grabbed a butcher knife from the kitchen and slashed his daughter in the shoulder. When she tried to grab it to stop the attack, her right pinky finger was severed and her ring finger partially severed.
Our "professional" scribe apparently can't quite bring himself to label this attempted murder... and instead shifts over to the passive tense.
His wife suffered severe defensive wounds to... to her skull.
Translation... this, uh... real-estate agent tried to stab his wife in the brain.

My favourite part in this rainbows and unicorn farts narrative is when the our intrepid reporter attempts to portray Samaurai Dad as the victim.
The father, who cries himself to sleep most nights at the Innes Road jail, pleaded guilty Monday to two counts of aggravated assault in a plea bargain with the Crown that spared him prosecution on the more severe charges of attempted murder.
If I had anything to say about this guy's current living arrangements, I'd see him betrothed to the rabid maddog biker enforcer with the most cigarettes.

Remember, this all started with this allegedly typical Ottawa Dad seeing an online photograph of his 20 year-old daughter (not, as you might have imagined from his response, cavorting with meth-crazed S&M enthusiasts) posing with the university Glee club.

murder, he wroteThat's right, the licentious, libertine Glee Club. So, apologies to the Crown prosecuter, but given the context, I'd hazard a guess that this guy's background and religious beliefs have more to do with his behaviour than, say... his chosen occupation.

As the war-weary cop used to say in the old Dragnet series... "Just the facts, ma'am."


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All three were found slain Saturday in their apartment on Thorncliffe Park Dr. by Toronto Police officers looking for next-of-kin of a man who fell to his death from the Millwood Bridge onto the DVP.

Traffic Services investigators confirmed that man is Yusuf Abdille, 50.

“Homicide investigators have identified him as the husband and father of the three people found murdered at 85 Thorncliffe Park Dr. that day,” Const. Clint Stibbe said Wednesday.
Are we seeing a pattern yet?


Unknown said...

good old multi-culti...good old P.E.T ....the lefties are all agog over junior....we need more punishment...

Anonymous said...

It's a mystery. We will never know what motivated him.

Neo Conservative said...

traumatic experience at the glee club in his younger days? an aversion to show tunes?

you listen to the msm, we'll just never know.