14 May 2013

Yet another Canadian "rush to judgement"

Pop Quiz...
26 fuckin' yearsWhich Canadian politician said...

“This convicted terrorist was able to use numerous and repetitive appeals and loopholes under Canada’s old, broken immigration system to remain in Canada for 25 years. Fortunately, since 2006, the government has acted to strengthen the integrity of Canada’s immigration system.”
I'll give you a hint... it wasn't Justin "Root Causes" Trudeau.


"I watched the press conference on CBC. A reporter asked Kenney if he had assurances that "Triple M" would be treated well in Lebanon."

"Man, I love progressive 'useful dhimmies'."
The CBC sucks up 1.3 billion taxpayer dollars every year to peddle their compassionate, intellectual brand of socialism. That should be the Conservatives next issue.


Anonymous said...

You're okay with Canada sending people to foreign countries to be tortured? Really, only the left cares about that? Do Conservatives not believe in basic human rights? Where is the anti-abortion crowd? They seem to care about human rights.

Neo Conservative said...

oh, nonny... surely you're not making a blanket statement about the alleged depravity of the lebanese people. that's so, well... illiberal.

your pal triple m is a convicted terrorist & murderer who was freed as a result of another terrorist attack... who sponged off the canadian taxpayer for 26 years.

he should have, at minimum, been in jail all this time. i think you're feeling sorry for the wrong folks here.

and what does opposition to abortion have to do with terrorism?

just another feeble troll by the lunatic left.