20 May 2013

If you build it... they will come...

...and come, and come...

Palinkas also notes that under the current law and system, USCIS reports a 99.5 percent approval rating for ILLEGAL immigrants seeking legal residency inside the United States. He said that high percentage began with President Obama’s and Secretary Napolitano’s new “deferred action” policy unveiled last summer.

In addition, over the past year, Palinkas said USCIS has waived more than $200 million in fees from ILLEGAL immigrants seeking legal status.
Another lasting legacy of the Obama presidency.

My first question here would be... aside from further dismantling of the conservative principle of a meritocracy... why bother spending billions of dollars on border security if you're going to throw open the doors anyway?

Oh yeah, just like the Obama administration has transmuted "terrorists" into "enemy combatants"... "ILLEGAL immigrants" will henceforth be known as "customers".

Thank you, President Ponzi.


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None of this is rocket science. But if you don't stop and think, it doesn't matter whether you are a genius or a moron. Words that stop people from thinking reduce even smart people to the same level as morons.
I miss critical thought.