17 May 2013

If it"s true, he should go...

...but puh-leeese... let's not pretend, when this latest story broke, the Star newsroom didn't resemble the giddily celebratory Gaza Strip on the morning of September 11, 2001...

"This newspaper cannot verify the video’s authenticity, it’s true. But to shirk from reporting even what was already in the public domain — to shrink from reporting on the reporting — was spectacularly lame."
Of course, these are the same folks who, en bloc, are constantly decrying the lack of Conservative support for taxpayer-funded shooting galleries... who still revere a certain federal political figure who was found, naked as the day he was born, in a seedy Chinatown "massage" parlour during a sweep for underage, Asian hookers. That's a little more than lame. What about poor traumatised jewel thief Svend? The list goes on & on.

If this story is true, shouldn't the hypocritical media commissars at the Toronto Star regard poor Mr Ford as a man with an illness who deserves all our heartfelt support?

Or does that only apply to homeless junkies?


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They want to pay $200,000 dollars for this video. Nope, that's not not sleazy at all...
"We are raising the money to purchase the video and publish it so the citizens of Toronto can watch a startlingly clear video of their mayor smoking crack. The people who are selling it want money. But they also want security. During Cook's trip to Toronto earlier this week to view the tape, they told him that they will not feel safe in the city after the video comes out."

"Ford is a powerful man, with powerful friends, and these are young kids who fear a possible frame-up from Toronto cops or worse. The money they are asking for will, they say, cover their departure from Toronto to get set up in another city where they will feel safer. Right now, they are in hiding."
So, Rob Ford is not only a degenerate drug addict... he is also capable of dispatching assassins who also apparently moonlight as Toronto cops.


"Didn't their star candidate Smitherman admit to being a druggie and a sex maniac?"
As far as I can understand from reading the Star... drug-fuelled gay sex isn't a marginal behaviour... it's a must-see tourist attraction.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, maximum Schadenford. This is AWESOME.

Neo Conservative said...

so, nonny... drugs are bad, right? it's not an illness, it's a crime, right? so let's stop pissing away taxpayer dollars on places like insite... and the whole drug rehab industry.

legalising drugs? no way, man. look at rob ford.

funny, not a word about the naked guy in the seedy chinatown whorehouse... ya know, during that underage hooker sweep.

or the guy who stole the high-end jewelry for his boyfriend.

you hypocrites crack me up.

if he did it... he should resign.

otoh, the childish celebrations breaking out in lefty-land... they speak for themselves.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Kevin Donovan, the Star reporter who's investigating this Rob Ford "scandal" the same Kevin Donovan who "reported" Rahim Jaffer attended a party where "busty hookers" were also present?

What ever happened in that case? Did the RCMP find those "busty hookers" and was anyone charged with possession of cocaine? Did Kevin Donovan lose interest in the story or was the story simply a product of Donovan's febrile imagination?
-- Gabby in QC

Rich said...

Naturally if the Star's disclosures are found to be false, we will see a front page retraction and a heartfelt apology from them.
Of course they would attempt to make 'right' all the damage caused to Mr Ford's reputation and possible financial harm he has suffered as well.
After all that is because we all know the Star is a moral and ethical institution.
I think the "naked guy in the seedy chinatown whorehouse... ya know, during that underage hooker sweep." might be the story at this link:-



john said...

It's B.S.

Really, the scumbags on the left have been throwing everything they can at this guy and he's still standing.

What's next? A video of Ford roasting newborn puppies on a stick? --- with Osama Bin laden?

What Ford should have done early on in his term was have a friend deliberately start a horrible vicious rumour about him. Then when the low lifes in the press run with it as a story, prove it to be completely false & SUE THEM TO DEATH!

Pissedoff said...

The lame brained lunatics at the Red Rag do not even know if this video exists, if it is fake, if has been tampered with and yet they publish this crap. If someone has seen it as claimed why has no one gone to the police?
No wonder journos are losing all credibility.

Pissedoff said...

Didn't their star candidate Smitherman admit to being a druggie and a sex maniac?

Neo Conservative said...

"pissedoff says... Didn't their star candidate Smitherman admit to being a druggie and a sex maniac?

i dunno... last i heard, furious george & his husband/wife/whatever were trying to adopt a baby. i guess wretched excess is only terrible if you're a conservative.


Pissedoff said...

Smitherman admitted a five-year addiction to an illegal drug[6][7] before running for political office.[8] Smitherman has not indicated the specific drugs he was addicted to during this time, except to say that they were part of the "Toronto party scene", and that "the drugs were not injected"


Anonymous said...

The Toronto Star has made the choice for recent high school graduates choosing between Ryerson's University of Journalosers and Honest Herb Tarlacks College of Used Car Salery
a no-brainer.

Anonymous said...

Rob Ford looks too heavyset to be a crack cocaine addict. But then again, it's hard to doubt reliable Somali drug dealers.

Anonymous said...

RIDICULOUS. Gotta love it!! Ford is awesome--NOT A WORD!!

Neo Conservative said...

yup... all the nonnies dancing around, celebrating... just like the pallies on sept 12 2001.

once again, the compasionate, intellectual left shows its true colours.


Anonymous said...

Yet another 'scandalette' to divert attention as far away as possible from the Ontario liberals and the complete trainwreck that is their legacy. $500M to give to their friends to cancel crappy contracts? I'm thinking this is just the start and there is a red alert to get voters talking about something else.

I actually saw old Dalto on his way to the hill in an armoured SUV. I shuddered to think of what he could be doing up there... or who he would be speaking to... or what evil they could conjure up to obliterate the middle class with even more taxes.

I wonder how come that isn't being talked about? No reporting on secret meetings with Dalto when you can splash Mike Duffy all over the place.

Journalists? Bah... they are just tweeters now.

Neo Conservative said...

after resigning, dalton was supposed to take one for the team... but, apparently he can't even bring himself to do that.

no honour among socialists.