05 May 2013

The socialists Wynne...

...everybody else loses...comrades wynne & horwath

The really big question coming out of the budget is what will happen to the province’s credit rating? The plan outlined last week adds a whopping $40 billion to the debt over the next two years.

Let’s put that in context: Before the NDP became government in 1990, the entire provincial debt, accumulated over the previous 100 years, was only $40 billion.

Now we add that amount in two years.


Rich said...

Want to do something for your country and province.?

Help eradicate the Ontario Liberal Party.

No matter where you live in Ontario, work for the PC's, the least abysmal choice.
No Ont. party is good, fair poor, bad, or even terrible; there are only degrees of horrible.
But if you care about your kids' grandchildren's, or great- grandchildren's future, the Libs must be wiped out as a party.

Anonymous said...

The NDP have to realize that it is in their interest to cause an election. All they have to do is get a commitment from Hudak to meet their demands. They have nothing to lose. They either win or become the official opposition. Hudak can cut other programs to balance the budget.

Anonymous said...

Funny how you never post about Harper's insane deficit and contribution to our national debt. That's different right cuz he's like da man.