30 May 2013

Whatever actually eventually comes out...

...I'm guessing it won't be that Rob Ford smoked $585,000,000 worth of crack...open & transparent, huh?But, if you're a Journo-Canadian, that don't mean a thing...

TORONTO - Any claim that senior political staff in the Dalton McGuinty government innocently erased their emails “strains credulity,” Ontario information and privacy commissioner Dr. Ann Cavoukian says.

New Democrat MPP Peter Tabuns complained to Cavoukian’s office after learning that internal emails, including those related to cancelled gas plants in Mississauga and Oakville, were wiped clean after the departure of staff. The cost of cancelling and relocating the two plants has climbed to at least $585 million, after an initial pricetag of $230 million.

“Not only have they been deleted, but the deleted would have been deleted, and somebody would have gone to great pains to destroy the backup as well.”

Cavoukian said she’ll go into much greater detail in the report which will be released in June.
So, the Liberals pissed away 600 million taxpayer dollars... AND THEN tried to cover it up. No wonder Dalton bailed.

Whaddaya wanna bet that won't be tonight's lead story on CBC?


Anonymous said...

This is the same as the "senate scandal" Yes, it should be looked into but it has received way more press in the first week than the provincial Lib scandal did since it was discovered last year. So a story about $90.thousand gets 24/7 coverage whereas a $600 million story gets little to no coverage. How can the media reporters live with themselves?

Neo Conservative said...

yup... the msm has a pronounced leftist bent.

i'm shocked. truly.


Pissedoff said...

Whorewarth voted along with the rest of the village idiot party to keep Wynnegnut in power. Too little too late.

Neo Conservative said...

"pissedoff says... Whorewarth voted along with the rest of the village"

so much for the ndp and their precious principles. perhaps the sheeple will remember this one the next time an election rolls around.