31 May 2013

We don' need no...

...steenkin' justice system...
who needs judges & juries anywayOh my gawd... drugs are one thing, but if I'd known he was a cold-blooded killer...

"And that's not even the whole story. A city hall revolt and murder are also now part of the imbroglio gripping Toronto's local government."
Wow, I can't wait to hear "the whole story." I'm envisioning intimate escapades with livestock, selling young girls & boys into sexual slavery... who knows what other depravity this guy is into?

Apparently only our omniscient friends in the media.

Hmmm... I'm thinking, before this thing is over, Rob Ford may not be the only one who needs a lawyer.


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The Globe and Mail knows what's best for everybody...
Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford must resign, as a matter of principle, as a matter of leadership, and as a matter of good governance. Even if the allegations against him are untrue, that is now beside the point. It is now too late to salvage the effectiveness, not to mention the dignity, of his term as mayor.
Unbelieveable. Even if he's innocent... he's guilty. Stalin could take lessons from these soul-less sack-o-shit scribblers.

In light of this, a fellow blogger has an interesting proposal...
"Imagine the Media Party’s reaction if I were to set up an on-line collection system to hire a private investigator in order look into who Layton’s hooker was."

UPDATE: All of this nonsense...

...can only ASCEND into farce...
they're all twitsJack Layton got caught up in a teen hooker sweep and he's still a media darling.

Anybody else see a pattern here?


Pissedoff said...

Ah yes the Wank and Wail, the maggots who believe 10 aledged witnesses who are users and pushers. The cream of journo and lefty society who us peasants would not believe if stood on a stack of bibles to spout thei paid for lies.

Neo Conservative said...

ironic indeed that christie blatchford was able to sneak one in on the mighty globe.


Anonymous said...

Nice scam by the left: come up with a bizarre story about crack with no evidence, pound the hell out of the story morning, noon, and night, then demand Ford step down because of the media circus.
Which was caused by the media, not Ford.

If the journalists weren't so stupid one would think they planned it that way.

It's high time we demanded drug tests of the journalists involved.

Neo Conservative said...

forget about proof, forget about the alleged video, forget about denials... the grope & flail says it doesn't matter if any of its true.

if there's a big enough fuss in the media... ford has to go. maybe omar khadr (voice of the downtrodden)should be mayor.

it's a brave new world.