06 May 2013

Has anybody run the syllabus past...

...the York Regional Police Service?

That agitated Professor XXXXXX, who curtly replied, "I'm not going to engage in a forensic examination of the syllabus with you, thank you for your time." Then he hung up on me.

It's easy to sympathize with Professor XXXXXX'X frustration. It would be tremendously difficult to do a forensic examination of anything if you don't believe there's such a thing as a verifiable fact.
h/t sda

York Regional Police... that sounds so familiar.

And again.


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...she's the real threat to Canada...
Was Jaser just a bureaucratic screw-up that spanned almost two decades? Or has Canada been running an immigration system verging on the theatre of the absurd?

The government has long admitted that at any given time, authorities lost track of tens of thousands of failed refugee claimants and other people ordered deported.
Oh Canada.