31 May 2013


"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to resteep it."
much ado about nothing


Anonymous said...

funny how jack layton looking like Lenin had no relevance -- funny as his party has it's core agenda to push forward communism -- it is in their constitution. Hopefully Bill C-377 will expose that in the spending of the various unions. When my father was a member of UAW/CAW when he was working for Massey Fergusson he was never let known in advance of various union meetings that were pushing forward various agenda that were ethically wrong to him, i.e. support of various "socialist" organizations. So why is Bill 377 wrong? My father was a very strict anti-communist as they had run such bad behaviour against the family in the USSR. So why do unions dues support such tyrants?

The unions & NDP have alot to report for their behavior. The NDP in the 60's & 70's were anti-NATO yet pro-Soviet. Many of the soviet-funded anti-cruise missle crowd were also attacking Yushchenko (President of Ukraine) in the 2004 election -- defending antiquated communist pro-Russian positions. Well Mitreokhin archives showed these people receiving funding from Moscow in in th 80's -- so are they Soviet/Russian agents?

There were many people in Canada that were defending the Russian/Soviet empire -- is this right?

Time to jail these individuals

gerry from gta

Anonymous said...

Just an aside -- the rae-peterson alliance -- we are paying the cost today -- just think -- Darlington was put on hold for 2 years -- it quadrupled the cost of darlington.

Now add in the delay of darlington caused Bruce to be delayed for maintenance -- that delayed cause Bruce to be shut down as it was run past the maintenance life. It essentially ran this reactor (4x) into the dirt.

Then because Bruce was run past it's maintenance period -- Pickering was run past it's maintenance period which escalated into running into the ground -- all this because of a political "alliance" between NDP & Liberals had increased our power costs -- yes thank you Bob Rae -- Arsehole.

Nobody brings this up -- especially the costs of the new NDP/Liberal alliance and what we will pay for this.

Nobody seems to care as they are focussed in on Harper & Ford -- yet this same jab at the taxpayer screws us even more. Somehow the media missed this.

gerry from gta

Neo Conservative said...

"gerry says... the costs of the new NDP/Liberal alliance"

and the latest liberal decision that has pissed away 600 million taxpayer dollars... while generating not a single megawatt of power.

the sheeple have triumphed yet again... but hey, we have a showcase lesbian premier.

style, not substance, wins the day.