29 May 2013

Ask a Journo-Canadian

Yet again, the MSM is attempting to drum up sympathy for Canada's most infamous jihadi family...
WELD THE DOOR SHUTBy all means, let the rehabilitation commence...

"Khadr was finally allowed onto the range in February. In March, prison authorities asked him to work on the food line, handing out pieces of butter to other prisoners."
Wow... it's almost like breaking rocks on a chain gang.

Not surprisingly, the article skips over what it terms the "negative influence from his family", nudge, nudge, wink, wink... "some of whom expressed sympathy for extremist groups several years ago."

Extremist groups, huh? Don't you dare use the "T" word... wouldn't wanna hurt anybody's feelings.

Let's also not forget that some of Omar's family were shot dead by counter-terror operatives for engaging in these "negative" activities. Or that one of his brothers is availing himself (presumably for the rest of his life) of the Canadian healthcare system after being wounded in the same gunfight.


throw away the keyI guess trying him for treason is out of the question?

I'm just surprised the media took time out from shoving a microscope up Rob Ford's arse. Gotta have priorities, huh?



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Imagine if you will: teenaged white kids are caught up in some skinhead group. Their parents are neo-nazis as well. Dad and the boys head out to Zimbabwe to fight Mugabe. Dad is killed, and the boyos are wounded and captured.

How many Toronto Star editorials would be written to get the kids back to Canada?
Don't blame me... I voted Conservative.


LAST WORD: Who exactly pays for this?
Edney negotiated to have Khadr transferred to Edmonton, where a group of professors with Kings University College have worked for years to educate Khadr on a correspondence basis.

He said his client wants to be a doctor “when he grows up.”
Omar Khadr killed a US Special Forces medic in a firefight... now he says he's gonna be a doctor. I wanna see Justin Trudeau and his ilk pull out their chequebooks for Omie's medical school tuition.


jwkozak91 said...

Omar's now residing within 5 miles of Concordia University College of Alberta, where the English professor who has the hots for him teaches.

Expect to hear more gushing from her - because now she can visit him in prison.

Anonymous said...

If natural justice were to be served up Kadr would have died on the battle field and we would have never heard of him.

Neo Conservative said...

meanwhile, the lunatic left, the same people who support poor little omar are responsible for stuff like this...

"This time, the perpetrator was a six-year-old boy. The menacing weapon in question was a plastic Lego G.I. Joe gun
roughly the size of a quarter, reports WGGB-TV."