07 May 2013

Save me a seat on "Sniffer's Row"

You just wait... he slips into his red speedo...hysterical swooners will make it rain...
all hat, no cattle

"If I wanted to brag about how much my company made last quarter, I sure as heck wouldn't do it wearing my lawn mowing gear."

"I wonder how much Justin charges for aeration and weed control?"
C'mon ladies, let's open those purses.

P.S. -- You think I'm kidding about the "speedo"?

Think again...
"Forget the hunt for undecided delegates, people here want to get their hands on the sought-after "I'm Liberal" thong underwear."
Oh Canada.


YOU'VE GOT MAIL: It's always interesting...

...that when the compassionate, intellectual left chooses to dispute a post, it invariably takes the form of a personal attack. I usually moderate silliness like this, but sometimes feel I should share the most lurid hysterics. Funny how often the nonnybots start off with... "you're fat, drunk, bald" etc... or my personal favourite... "you're a fag"...
"You're well known for your strong homoerotic interest though. Perhaps JT arouses you? Wouldn't surprise."
Homosexuality? Is that the worst imaginable crime in your world, nonny? It's just that it seems a little, well... illiberal.

What would Justin say about your "intolerance"?