23 April 2013

Toronto "Red Star" gets taken for a ride

Words of wisdom from the Toronto "Red Star" resident pistol guru...

“They really are only accurate to maybe about 200 yards. After that there’s really no accuracy in ’em,” he said.
Dear Jayme & David... did you think to run that 200 yard comment past an actual shooter?

Here's a couple of thoughts.

Go find a 200 meter rifle range (pistol training typically takes place at 10 to 25 meters) and try hitting a man sized target with a handgun. Better still, try asking a Toronto cop what their pistol qualification consists of. Rest assured, the maximum distance will be a small percentage of your mythical 200 yards (which is, btw, the length of two football fields).

Come back and file your follow-up story... 'cos right now, you look like a couple of morons.

Does the Star's Food writer actually go out to restaurants & eat a meal, or does he/she just look at pictures of the food and ask bus boys for comments?

P.S. - Pretty much any deer rifle on the market will penetrate a police issue kevlar vest. Does that make Canadian Tire a "Merchant of Death."


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I bet they didn't have "demolition permits" either.


LAST WORD: Sure, guns kill people...

...just like pencils write poetry & forks cause morbid obesity...
first they came for the t-shirts
"School officials say the dress code does ban such shirts because they can disrupt the educational process."
So much for free speech.


dmorris said...

The gun owner probably meant "feet" not yards,people often say one but mean the other.

Even at 200 feet a person would have to be a damned good shot to hit anything with a pistol.I'm good to about fifty feet,but beyond that, not so good.

There's a Youtube video of a "trick" shooter who used to appear on TV shows back in the 90's.The guy could hit targets at 200 yards and further with a pistol, but he's one in a million,that's why he was featured on a TV show.

My main concern on this story, is will the Ontario cops return that legally-owned firearm to it's rightful owner in Florida? He's the victim, of theft,and his property should be returned,period.

btw, your captcha codes are almost impossible to read.

Neo Conservative said...

yeah, i'm sorry but 200 feet is still 65 meters... 65 feet is the far end outer limit for police requalification... and they're allowed to miss 10 percent and still pass.

the story is bullshit.