19 April 2013

Justin Trudeau dodges a bomb, er... bullet

Try imagine how awkward things could've been if the Shiny Pony had to stand up and defend the "root causes" behind a couple of grotty, old white dudes from the Michigan Militia...those darn root causes Said Trudeau Two,

"And our approach has to be, where do those tensions come from?"
Tensions?!! Tensions?!!

So, Justin, these guys were just blowin' off a little steam? Good thing they weren't really pissed at us, huh?


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...wait a minute...
The suspects’ father Anzor Tsarnaev spoke with The Associated Press by telephone from the Russian city of Makhachkala on Friday. “My son is a true angel,” Tsarnaev told the AP.

“Dzhokhar is a second-year medical student in the U.S. He is such an intelligent boy."
Dear Mr Tsarnaev... maybe he could have been an angel, but it appears as though he threw it all away to play for the other team...
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev applied to the University of Massachusetts’s Boston campus in 2011 and was accepted, but then immediately withdrew, according to spokesman DeWayne Lehman. “He was not a student.”
I guess he felt he had a higher calling.


LAST WORD: Mass murder? What mass murder?
The father said he spoke to his sons by phone earlier this week. "We talked about the bombing. I was worried about then," Anzor Tsarnaev said. He said his sons reassured him, saying, "Everything is good, Daddy. Everything is very good."

The elder Tsarnaev insisted that his sons were innocent, but said he would appeal to his son to "surrender peacefully."

"Give up. Give up. You have a bright future ahead of you. Come home to Russia," the dad said.
Did I miss it? Is there an apology in there somewhere?

Nope. In fact, just the opposite...
The father warned, however, "If they killed him, then all hell would break loose. "If they kill my second child, I will know that it is an inside job, a hit job. The police are to blame," the father told ABC News.
His sons have perpetrated one of the most horrific acts of terrorism in recent memory... and he's threatening to kick it up a notch if the U.S. doesn't send his baby home unharmed.

Who are these freaks?


Michael Harkov said...

Listen to Michael Coren channel Justin Trudeau. This is absolutely BRILLIANT LOL -


Anonymous said...

we are all enjoying the CPC shake

Neo Conservative said...

forget about attack ads... every time the shiny pony opens his mouth another amazing turd drops out.

those poor little misunderstood chechnyans... no wonder they had to kill & maim all those nasty americans.


Anonymous said...

I was disturbed by the "Come home to Russia" bit -- If they were Chechen Nationalists -- well Russia is not home, not Chechnya yes, maybe Dagestan but definitely not Russia.

Why would somebody concerned with Chechnya consider Russia as home?

Why would somebody who came as a refugee to the USA would come back to "Russia" to live as the bomber's parents despite their extended family all emigrating to Canada & USA?

Am I reading too much into this?

gerry from gta

Anonymous said...

“Dzhokhar is a second-year medical student in the U.S. He is such an intelligent boy."

Yeah, I heard Dr. Josef Mengele was a real nice guy when he was in med school too.

Neo Conservative said...

don't you fret, folks... the new liberal leader will discover the root causes behind these "tensions" and we'll all live happily ever after.